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Actualizado: 7 abr 2023

This collaboration see’s renowned Scottish producers Warner Powers & Michael Paterson join forces and deliver a fresh quirky house track which pays homage to the iconic 90s identity of Limbo Records. With over 40 years experience in the electronic world, this duo are ready for their new partnership with Limbo Records as they celebrate their milestone anniversary this year. Expect some new sounds, remasters & classic remixes from Limbo this year.

Bass Drop is a quirky, deep, dirty bass driven track bursting with 90s inspiration. The track's infectious kick, crispy hi-hats combined with sharp acid synth chords and 90s bass line drops will guarantee to turn any dark room into a steamy, sweaty experience. The tracks production approach is based around a unique 90s sounding bass taken from an old Korg M1 Synth, Powers and Paterson have brought those processed synth stabs and bass sounds to an almost crystal glass shattering clarity, add in the driving highly compressed warehouse techno kick and you have yourself a Bass Drop track inspired from our long 40 year of electronic music background.


Limbo – 30 years of music, mayhem and mischief.

Limbo Records was the pioneering, defining voice of progressive house before it was even a thing.

From the gloriously uplifting hands in the air hook of Neebro to the scintillating electronic grooves of I Trance You, this was a label which brought a fresh, exciting take on the sounds we were falling in love with on dance floors and in fields everywhere.

30 years on, the label’s spiritual home at 23RD Precinct Records in Glasgow may be no more but, just like the 23rd brand, Limbo lives on.

To mark three decades of the very best in forward-thinking music, sounds which were and are progressive in every way, Limbo are running an entire year of releases, remixes, events and much, much more.

In fact in true acid house warrior style they’re doing whatever they want, whenever they want – so if there’s something you’d love to hear revisited, hit them up.

First up is a digital reissue of the iconic, ground-breaking House Of Limbo album, the record which brought the label to the attention of the masses in so many ways.

Limbo is a sound, a groove, an attitude, a state of mind and a way of life. Get on board now..

Warner Powers: Beatport | Spotify

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