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A New Direction: Slow Assembly's "Slow Burn / Sunrise Acid"

A New Direction: Slow Assembly's "Slow Burn / Sunrise Acid"

With the recent release of "Slow Burn / Sunrise Acid," Slow Assembly reaffirms his commitment to uncharted terrain. Circuit Grooves, the emerging label nurturing his work, highlights an artist seeking a unique voice in a genre where identity often waltzes on a tightrope.

On the forefront, "Slow Burn" presents an atmospheric breakbeat landscape that's raw and captivating. It's a detour from the expected, and less polished than his other ventures. The track delivers a complex journey marked by jutting edges and disrupted rhythms that seem to accentuate rather than disturb the sonic exploration.

In stark contrast, "Sunrise Acid" takes us on an ascent into acid-infused territories. It refuses to conform, weaving acid threads through the breakbeat backbone, grounding the beats in their roots. Its refusal to be limited by set structures showcases Slow Assembly's courage in pushing the genre boundaries.

This new release under Circuit Grooves showcases a departure from his previous work and an audacious divergence from the slick sounds of Self Control. It’s an unabashed celebration of the grungy appeal of the underground. The raw, unrefined soundscape is testament to Slow Assembly's audacity to challenge the status quo. If there's one thing this EP tells us, it's that Slow Assembly isn't afraid to roam the untamed sonic wilderness.


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