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Aaron Suiss prepares "Imagine"

With his latest release 'Imagine' on Back 2 Basics, Aaron Suiss takes a gamble on combining funk grooves with techno elements to create an energetic and groovy track. While this fusion of genres is not entirely new, Suiss' approach to it is fresh and unique.

'Imagine' blends the funk-infused melodies and rhythms of Indie Dance with the raw power and driving beats of Techno, creating a sound that's both familiar and new. It's a gamble that could easily fall flat, but in Suiss' capable hands, it pays off.

This release is a refreshing departure from the usual fare in the modern dance scene, and we hope it pays off for Suiss. Fans of Indie Dance and Techno alike should give 'Imagine' a listen, as it offers a unique take on two long-standing genres that's sure to get your feet moving.


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