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Alex Iovita presenta Personal Memory

Terranova Records has just received a top-tier release showcasing the finest quality. Straight out of Romania, the incredibly talented Alex Iovita has graced us with his latest masterpiece, a top-notch vocal tune that he calls 'Personal Memory'. This prodigious artist began his journey in music production way back in 2011, and since then, he has been making waves in the electronic music scene with his unique blend of melodic house, techno, and trance touch.

Drawing inspiration from the original, the sensational Atom (IE) delivers his melodic and progressive remix. The chunky drum work relentlessly drives the song forward, while the shimmering synths along the emotive voice lands you beyond the realms of reality. The power bass complete this awe-inspiring touch that leaves a sweet taste in your mouth, compelling you to keep listening.

Last but not least the label's usual man, Scoom Legacy has conjured up innovative sounds, straining the boundaries between crystalline vocals and perfectly chosen sounds that fit so perfectly with the EP. The result is an added layer of quality that will leave you wanting more

'Personal Memory' is a bold move towards more emotive and melodic sounds that will undoubtedly warm your heart and soul. Expect nothing but excellence from Terranova Records, as they gear up to deliver their best year of music yet. The journey has only just begun, so stay tuned


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