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Alexander Church & Vincenzo - Blackheart Part 1 [Configurations of Self]

Alexander Church kicks off a new concept series with Vincenzo on his own Configurations of Self label.

‘Blackheart Part 1’ is the first instalment and is a five track EP that includes a remix from Nolan. Church is both a solo artist and frequent collaborator with the likes of James Welsh and has been for many years under several guises. His adventurous productions combine techno, ambient, electronica and breakbeats into always high concept and deeply thought provoking new soundscapes. This latest project is another one that finds him pushing himself into new territory alongside Hamburg's Vincenzo. He's a studio wizard with a long and rich career that has seen him make a wide range of sounds on labels like Watergate and Dessous.

Says Church, "The Black Heart series will be a run of EPs developed by me and Vincenzo with the main melodies created using an Oberheim OB X8 synthesiser. The black heart series aims to forge our fondness for melodic driven music that is just as much for listening as the dance floor."

Delightful opener 'Rose' sees Church work again with Rebekah K and is a deep and dreamy groove that rolls through the cosmos with ambient pads and celestial chords slowly drifting by. The serene and vulnerable female vocals add downtempo soul to make for perfect late night listening. The stripped back instrumental is even more meditative and escapist. Remixer Nolan is an innovative artist who writes for TV and sync, has collaborated with the likes of Idris Elba and David Squillace, released on labels like Bedrock and Mobilee and is a master of blending a wide range of styles into something new. His remix layers in live sounding broken beats, with spinning hi hats and splashing cymbals bringing a seductive jazzy vibe.

'Starfall' is another cinematic deep space adventure with sweeping pads creating a vast open space as delicate harmonies and innocent melodies ring out over subtle rhythms. It's a majestic sound that is brilliantly cathartic. Last of all, 'Spooked' layers up more airy grooves with churchy chords and meditative melodies that bring ambient cosmic beauty that encourages deep inward reflection.

The first volume of this new series kicks off in superb fashion here.

Tracklist: 01 Rose (Vocal mix feat. Rebekah K) 02 Rose (Instrumental) 03 Rose (Nolan Remix) 04 Starfall 05 Spooked


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