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Athlete: European medalist and Russian record holder - became a producer in Estonia

After finishing his sports career, he began to get serious about music.

In his debut album, (It's just beginning), Athlete combines live and synthesized sounds to create a clear rhythm that's perfect for dancing and playing sports.

The album is assigned to the Athlete House genre, and is infused with an ethnic

atmosphere, which gives a special flavor and appeal.

This music can make the listener mentally fly to distant distant countries, rethink many things and simply enjoy a pleasant mood.

Athlete House is not just a new unique genre, but also a new direction created by Athlete himself, which has already aroused the interest of many listeners.

Athlete has already demonstrated his creative potential by appearing as a music producer at the Mammu Couture show at Tallinn Fashion Week 2023. His music made the show colorful and memorable.

Now Athlete is preparing a new batch of music for Tallinn Fashion Week 2023 (fall version)

On September 15, a new single was released on all platforms: Athlete - Pepino ! (several platforms) and Athlete - Pepino on spotify.

One day Athlete heard a Spanish saying and immediately realized that it should become a track - and now the track is already on all platforms)

The highlight of the track is that the Spanish record holder in javelin throwing took part in it!

That's why I didn't have to think about the cover - I had the idea right away!



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