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Austrian artist Pete Sabo is back with orchestral event

DJ Pete Sabo, with an orchestra under the direction of conductor Thomas Kerbl, will be performing the SABO|TAGE in Concert on Saturday, April 22, in the Brucknerhaus Linz in Austria. This Gala Concert presents another massive leap in Pete's career and connects art, technology, history, past and present. For a single evening, a blend of electronic and classical music will replace a standard Brucknerhaus repertoire of Schubert, Strauss, Bach, Beethoven, Paganini, and other timeless composers. SABO|TAGE in Concert already got praise on Life Ball 2019, a charity event with Katie Holmes and others.

Pete Sabo is a Budapest-born and Vienna-based electronic music producer, DJ, and performer. He composed, wrote, and produced releases for renowned labels, such as Spinnin Deep and Bunny Tiger, getting massive support from the scene, including legends such as Pete Tong. One thing is fundamentally different between a DJ gig and an ensemble performance. Teamwork! Without his experienced company, Pete's vision would remain unaccomplished. Hermann Miesbauer's expertise in musical framework and arrangements entwines Wolfgang Heim's approach to composition and production, and conductor Thomas Kerbl brings his recognizable mastery to this larger-than-life performance. Let's not forget an orchestra of over 40 professionals playing every instrument, from timpani to trombones. This is going to be special in every detail

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