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Emerging from the heart of Austria, LUVIUM, the sensational melodic bass producer, captivates ears with his latest single, "Don't Leave Me." Following the success of his recent offering "Lie To Me" in collaboration with KOIH and Donna Tella, LUVIUM continues his meteoric rise with this emotionally charged release. “Don’t Leave Me” is out now across all streaming platforms.  

"Don't Leave Me" is an auditory journey that seamlessly blends LUVIUM's profound musical skills with his fervent dedication to emotional healing through music. Drawing on over 14 years of experience, LUVIUM's expertise as a producer shines through in every note of this masterpiece.

Building on the success of his debut year, where he organically amassed a loyal following on social media and exceeded 500,000 streams across all platforms, LUVIUM has solidified his presence in the melodic bass scene. Notable support from industry heavyweights such as JVNA and Culture Code, along with releases on esteemed labels like ARWV Records, showcases LUVIUM's undeniable talent and the industry's recognition of his unique sound.

"'Don't Leave Me' captures the raw emotions of a relationship hanging by a thread. It's a sincere reflection on the struggle of holding on when letting go seems inevitable. This song is very personal to me—it´s a reflection of my own experience and events that happened in my life.” 


ABOUT LUVIUM – Embark on a sonic journey with LUVIUM, a melodic bass music producer from Austria driven by a passion for emotional healing through his music. He plays instruments and makes music since his childhood, he founded a band as a teenager, but then decided to start his solo project, became a producer and sharpened his skills with now over 14 years of experience. He started to make a name for himself in the melodic bass scene with his song „Symptoms“ in 2023, a collaboration with Culture Code and Chandler Leighton. He managed to gain over 12k Followers on socials and over 500.000 Streams on all platforms, all of this in his first debut year. LUVIUM was also getting Support by some big names in the scene like JVNA and Culture Code and his songs was released on labels like ARWV Records.


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