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Avi Sic presents ‘Late Checkout’ – October

A powerful force when it comes to her ability to be unique, innovative, and captivating, Avi Sic continues to emerge as a trailblazer within Electronic Music; presenting weekly episodes of her radio show ‘Late Checkout’, the energy and passion she exudes is seemingly unlike any other within the genre. As October bought another month filled with unmissable episodes, Avi Sic continued to solidify her reputation as an exciting tastemaker; with her skilful talents continuing to push her into the limelight, Avi Sic demands attention as she keeps striking back with mighty-sounding episodes every single month.

Within October’s episodes, Avi Sic invited a true genre VIP onto the show; a real treat for listeners, Don Diablo joined ‘Late Checkout’ to deliver an unforgettable set, injecting the show with fresh excitement sure to have left a lasting impact on listeners. His mix featured tracks from his own catalogue, like his well-known productions ‘Stop Loving You’ and ‘Still Cutting Shapes,’ as well as including Avi Sic’s most recent release, ‘Just Dancing’; as he raised the energy, Don Diablo took the listening experience to even higher heights, providing a new perspective and diversifying what was an already thrilling month on ‘Late Checkout.’

Throughout October, Avi Sic’s mixes continued to prove her as an impressive talent on the Electronic Music scene; with an innate ability to curate seamlessly blended mixes, seemingly effortless in their capability to garner admiration, Avi Sic remains as a striking figure, consistent in her innovative creativity. As she showcased some of the best of the genre, featuring tracks from Artists like Dombresky, Biscits, and Bleu Clai, to name only a few, Avi Sic brought attention to her admirable tastes and passion for hard-hitting, energetic anthems: a love that she translates into her own productions.

With such a distinct energy, it is no wonder that Avi Sic continues to be marked as an exciting addition to Electronic Music and as she keeps dropping powerful episodes of ‘Late Checkout’, there is no doubt that her popularity will continue to grow. A show already established within the genre as a go-to destination for Electronic Music fans, ‘Late Checkout’ is not to be missed. So, tune in, as November promises to bring more electrifying music and exciting guest stars.

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