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Azaria & Andrea Lacoste - Hexagrama

Azaria & Andrea Lacoste - Hexagrama

Emerging from the fusion of Azaria’s low BPM electronic grooves and Andrea Lacoste’s Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist charm, "Hexagrama" is a tapestry of Latin, tribal, and psychedelic auditory trails. La Belle Records unveils this gem on October 13, 2023, a date marking the voyage from mere rhythmic beats to a jungle of indigenous echoes.

Right off the bat, “Soleil” cradles the listener with its laid-back rhythm and vocal allure, setting a tone of ancestral reverence. As we move to “Jayeechi Wayúu”, the narrative dives deeper into the tribal realm with a straightforward House beat laced with intricate percussion. Each track is a doorway into a different landscape; “A New Jam” entices with spoken words amidst melodic drums, “Bright Mood” further explores tribal nuances, while “Hexagrama” ensnares with its darker beat, embodying the spirit of the album.

Azaria and Andrea Lacoste’s venture into this musical wilderness is not a mere experiment, but a well-orchestrated journey. The EP’s soundscape, brimming with Latin beats, Amazonian rhythms and ethereal chants, invites one into an immersive realm where the modern electronic intertwines with the age-old tribal. This is not just a record; it’s a narrative told through melodious tunes, each bearing a unique tale of its own.


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