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Amidst a time of uncertainty and strife, French-Venezuelan, Berlin-based music producer STACY.O and Ukrainian poet Марія Степанюк are proud to present their collaborative EP "ОДИН." Out today via Tropopause Records digitally, and as a limited edition vinyl release.

This deeply personal and compelling collaboration between, STACY.O and Марія Степанюк, who is currently volunteering and writing poetry amidst the war in Ukraine, presents an introspective sonic exploration that bridges the gap between the past and the future.

Creating an immersive soundscape with field recordings from Kyiv and Kharkiv, coupled with Maria's fragmented and raw poetry, 'ОДИН' (meaning 'one' in English) seeks to evoke a sense of unity, resilience and longing for peace in these uncertain times. The project takes you on a journey with its slow, percussive sounds, leading to an intense interplay between dance and introspection.

Reflecting on the creation of the EP, STACY.O comments, "While our very first self-release was there to embrace mutual exchange and support for maintaining mental health, our latest EP reflects the dichotomy between seeking inner peace and expressing an unlit, experimental, and restless sonic sound."

The collaborative process involved a free-flowing exchange of ideas, field recordings, and poetry through digital means. Despite the physical barriers due to the current situation in Ukraine, the synergy between STACY.O and Марія Степанюк has been remarkably seamless. Although, the duo admits the biggest challenge they faced with the record was the inability to play live together.

Speaking about the ongoing situation in Ukraine, Марія Степанюк adds, "Our songs reflect my personal boundaries, a new kind of humanity with weapons for safety and dark humour, and also show the resilient spirit of the Kharkiv community."

To visually complement the unique sonic quality of 'ОДИН,' STACY.O's brother, Stephen Cacique, created the striking artwork, continuing a long-standing family tradition.

In line with the poignant message of the EP, STACY.O and Марія Степанюк have decided to use the campaign to raise funds for volunteers directly aiding the people in Ukraine, highlighting their dedication to supporting the Ukrainian community.

Profits from the digital and vinyl sales on Bandcamp as well as from the poster sales of the EP artwork will be transferred to Ukrainian musicians NFNR and Lenoczka who, since the start of the Russian full-scale invasion, have been volunteering and fundraising to buy supplies for the Ukrainian relief effort.

The release of 'ОДИН' will also feature a music video directed by Kharkiv-based multidisciplinary artist, Lenoczka (Lena Dzhurina). Known for her abstract rhythmic live-sets, she brings a unique perspective to the project, further enhancing its emotional impact.

With the release of 'ОДИН,' STACY.O and Марія Степанюк invite listeners to reflect, resonate, and respond to the tumultuous reality of the world today, underlining the resilience of art and humanity amidst adversity.



STACY.O, born Tidiane Cacique, is a French-Venezuelan music producer, multi-instrumentalist, and composer based in Berlin. His cultural diversity influences his unique sound, skillfully blending electronic music with global sounds. With an extensive background in film and theater composition, STACY.O infuses his work with cinematic depth and theatrical flair.


Марія Степанюк, better known by her pen name biomatter_txt, is a poet, writer, performer, and cultural and educational manager hailing from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Her work, deeply rooted in her cultural heritage and personal experiences, is a powerful exploration of human emotions, societal pressures, and the shared human experience. Despite the ongoing conflict in her home country, Марія has shown unwavering resilience, continuing to write and volunteer in Kharkiv.


Lenoczka, whose real name is Lena Dzhurina, is an established figure in the Kharkiv underground scene and an artist of many talents. Known for her dynamic DJing at local raves, festivals, and theaters, she has transformed her passion for visuals into a compelling musical journey. With her knack for manipulating real-time interactive systems, Lenoczka creates audiovisual experiments that challenge the status quo and provoke thought. Her abstract rhythmic live sets articulate synesthetic experiences, transforming everyday moments into creative expression. As an advocate for DIY culture, free sharing, and collaboration, she continually inspires a new generation of artists.


Tropopause Records is committed to fostering creativity and innovation by bridging the gaps between different artistic mediums, genres, and cultures, creating a dynamic space for collaboration and pushing the boundaries of genre.


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