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Bezuma - Cine iubește și lasă / Foaie verde mBezuma - Cine iubește și lasă / Foaie verde mărăcineărăcine

Actualizado: 27 ene

Bezuma - Cine iubește și lasă / Foaie verde mărăcine

Bezuma's "Cine iubește și lasă / Foaie verde mărăcine" beautifully encapsulates the essence of Minimal/Micro House. The first track, "Cine iubește și lasă", is a rhythmic masterpiece, showcasing Bezuma’s talent for blending beats into a captivating narrative. It's a testament to his precise control and understanding of rhythm. The second track, "Foaie verde mărăcine", shifts gears into a deeper, more introspective sound. It's a remarkable example of how minimalism can achieve depth and complexity. Bezuma strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication, making this record a standout in the genre. His work is not only a tribute to the influences of Silat Beksi and Rhadoo but also a unique expression of his own artistic vision.

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