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BIIANCO and Mary Droppinz link up on high-energy club track ‘La Discoteca’ ft my name is alex

Born from the creative synergy of London via LA artist BIIANCO and experimental producer and DJ Mary Droppinz they have teamed up on their new record ‘La Discoteca’. It also features vocals by Panama-based artist known as ‘my name is alex’ - the record is out now via Part Four.

‘La Discoteca’, a captivating and irresistibly ravey presence within, has emerged as a beacon of enchantment and wonder in nightclubs across the globe.

The vivacious new record is a breath of fresh air to the techno dungeon, a moment of clarity at the wook fest and a wet n wild side to the pool parties. The infectious vocals "it's going down in the discoteca" has become the rhythmic heartbeat of this electrifying collaboration. ‘La Discoteca’ serves as a compelling reminder that it's time to let loose and dance as we were meant to.

The record has quickly become an emblem of joyful chaos, a testament to the unbridled energy and innovation that the dance music world thrives upon.

Artist Info:

BIIANCO is the Duke and Duchess of a new generation of electronic and dance music, seamlessly integrating their work as a producer, DJ, performing artist and social media mad scientist. BIIANCO’s London/LA transcontinental life has moulded their sound into a unique blend of emotionally soaked dance music reminiscent of Jamie XX, Gorgon City, Haai or Fred Again that sonically draws on the American house music scene they perform in regularly and the UK electronic culture they are now immersed in.

Mary Droppinz lives by a simple truth: music is an out of body experience. Her eclectic sound travels all over the dance spectrum and takes listeners on a journey across genres- seamlessly blending electro, breaks, house, acid, techno, UKG, speed garage, minimal dubstep, DnB, and hip-hop all in one set. Mary’s fascination with rhythm began when growing up in her native Omaha, Nebraska as a result of her father’s seasoned skills as a drummer.

Born in Panama City, Panama, Alex is a one-of-a-kind rising pop artist who lives and breathes music. From a young age she started crafting melodies and writing songs, beginning her journey as an artist at 14 years old. Early in her career, she played an integral role in a band, honing her musical skills and building a foundation for her future solo career. As she developed her sound, Alex fearlessly explored various genres including indie and reggaeton before finding her sonic identity as a prominent pop singer. Her sound, often described as experimental pop, pushes boundaries and surprises listeners, mirroring her willingness to embrace her own unique personality.

For more info on BIIANCO - Instagram + Full Bio Here & Press Shots

For more info on Mary Droppinz visit Instagram

For more info on my name is alex visit Instagram


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