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Brazilian House Music veteran, DJ Roque Castro arrives for a five-country Eurotour

Among the dates, the DJ and producer's passage through the island Ibiza and the city of Barcelona stands out. Check out all the dates!

By Nicolle Prado

The name Roque Castro is already well known to clubbers in the metropolis of São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil and a hub that pulsates movement when we talk about Dance Music in the country. This is because he is one of the most consolidated figures in the scene of the region, for his more than 20 years of trajectory traveled between tracks and studios. And, after conquering the Brazilians, his name promises to echo in European lands; this is because the artist has just started his EuroTour, bringing eight dates that pulsate pure House Music.

Introducing this artist is no easy task, since we are talking about more than two decades within the electronic scene. But in a brief summary, we can say that Roque Castro collects an enviable expertise in the most different areas that involve the scene. As a DJ, he is the creator and resident of one of the main House parties in the country, Houseira, which since 2016, has been fostering the scene with important names in the national scene, in addition to also participating in collectives such as Gang and Enxame. As a producer, his catalog involves labels such as Material, MusicaTerapia, Go On Records and more; not to mention the fusion of his passion for music with the fashion universe.

Given this brief presentation, it is already possible to realize that his passage through Europe should be remarkable. His tour already started on July 29, with a single date in Berlin, but other four countries received the Brazilian on August, being England, Portugal, Spain and France. With emphasis on his presentations in Spanish lands, since Roque landed on the paradisiacal island of Ibiza, known for being the oasis of Dance Music, for three performances now at the end of August, including on his itinerary the populous Barcelona. He told us more about the intense experience:

"It was a pretty amazing experience overall! Berlin was great, I played at a very old club and it was full, the crowd was really excited. In London, at the Bunker, it's always a success because the English crowd is so much fun. Ibiza and Barcelona were also pretty cool, but the highlight of the tour certainly goes to Lisbon. I played at Gala Grigri, a party that takes place in a palace, Palácio do Grilo, and is produced by Venga Venga, an old group from Brazil. It was simply moving, a surreal experience".

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