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BROLORIZO presents Agua Bendita

Actualizado: 5 jul 2023

Founding members of Mexican women's dance music collective I.M YONI, Estefani Brolo and Ana Rizo, together known as BROLORIZO, present 'Agua Bendita', a mid-tempo jazz tinged Latin bubbler issued on New York's toucan sounds. Members of Central American indie dance band Patterns, Brolo and Rizo are no strangers to big stages, and despite the debut BROLORIZO single having only been released a few months back, they've already performed at some of Mexico's most influential festivals.

BROLORIZO's DJ sets include live guitar and vocals, fusing experimental psychedelic sounds with Latin disco and jazz-tinged house, perfect for a late night journey on the beach. Title track 'Agua Bendita' encapsulates the BROLORIZO sound beautifully, with sun-drenched call-and-response vocals, Rhodes chords and guitar licks riding an ever-so-slightly acid tinged Latin Disco groove.

Second cut 'Sirena' delves into Deep House territory, with Afro-Latin percussion and slightly melancholic chords giving way to atmospheric, almost eerie vocal and guitar melodies. With electric live performances captured in vivid colour on their Instagram (@brolorizo), this duo sits at the crest of an exciting new wave of young Central American artists, showcasing a unique fusion of musical and cultural influences for the world to see.

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