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Bubba Brothers presents ‘Frenetic Tour 2023’

Bubba Brothers, the dynamic duo redefining the Electronic music scene, is set to embark on their highly anticipated 'Frenetic' tour, taking their exhilarating sound to cities around the world. From Faro to Ibiza, London to Amsterdam, just to name a few, Bubba Brothers will captivate audiences with their infectious beats, unparalleled energy, and unforgettable performances.

The tour kicked off in spectacular fashion with a powerful performance at 'Festas da Cidade' in Olhão, leaving the crowd in awe and setting the stage for what promises to be a groundbreaking tour. Fans can expect an immersive experience filled with pulsating rhythms, enchanting melodies, and an electrifying atmosphere that only Bubba Brothers can deliver.

Throughout the tour, Bubba Brothers will grace renowned venues and parties, leaving their mark on each city they visit; from the stunning Rooftop Eva in Faro to the vibrant and electrifying atmosphere of the Monkey Club in Ibiza, the duo will command the stage and take audiences on a sonic journey like no other. Their appearances at Katedral in Praia da Rocha and No Solo Aqua in Vilamoura will further elevate the tour, ensuring unforgettable nights of pure musical bliss.

Highlights of the 'Frenetic' tour include a highly anticipated performance at LDN East in London, where Bubba Brothers will showcase their magnetic stage presence and their ability to ignite crowds with their infectious energy. Additionally, the duo unveiled their own branded tour bus, this impressive addition to the tour, certainly takes the party to a new level, ensuring this new live shows will keep the bar high for the talented duo.

The 'Frenetic' tour will culminate with a spectacular grand finale at ADE in Amsterdam, the renowned festival that brings together the brightest stars and most innovative talents in Electronic music. Bubba Brothers' performance at ADE will close this tour, as proof of their remarkable journey and a celebration of their groundbreaking sound.

Save the dates and get ready to join Bubba Brothers on their 'Frenetic' tour, an immersive experience that pushes the boundaries of Electronic music and promises unforgettable moments that will resonate throughout the global Electronic Dance music scene.

Tour Dates:

16/6: Festas da Cidade - Olhão 24/6: Rooftop Eva - Faro 30/6: TBA 2/7: Monkey Club - Ibiza 15/7: Ophelia Boat Party - Portimão 16/7: Katedral - Praia da Rocha 23/7: Rooftop Eva - Faro 30/7: Katedral - Praia da Rocha 6/8: Monkey Club - Ibiza 12/8: TBA 15/8: Rooftop Eva - Faro 20/8: LDN East - London 21/8: No Solo Aqua - Vilamoura 1/9: TBA 3/9: Monkey Club - Ibiza 16/9: Open Boat Party Portimão 24/9: Bubba Brothers Anniversary @ Rooftop Eva w/ special guest Chus - Faro 1/10: Monkey Club - Ibiza TBA: ADE - Amsterdam

More info and tickets for 2/7 date:

Bubba Brothers Online


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