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CARLO SINE - Mall's Closed (Whiskey Pickle)

To celebrate our 45th digital release, Whiskey Pickle takes you back to the East Coast with the exciting debut solo single from Carlo Sine (Sine Language, Providence, RI). Right from the start, Carlo impresses with a low-slung disco groover titled "Mall's Closed." The infectious rhythm and vibe make it an instant favorite. Moving onto the second track, Bansal of Brooklyn presents an uplifting acidic interpretation of "Mall's Closed" that will definitely have you reaching for the lasers. As we reach track three, "Red Alert," Carlo Sine once again showcases his talent with another irresistibly funky number, complete with some smooth vocoder action, sure to captivate all the ladies out there. Closing out the release on a high note is Matt Carey, offering a tight remix of "Red Alert." His exceptional touch adds a new dimension to the track, leaving listeners with an unforgettable funky house experience. Overall, Whiskey Pickle's 45th digital release is a must-listen for any left-field disco and funky house music enthusiast. Carlo Sine's solo debut is a testament to his skill as an artist, and the remixes by Bansal and Matt Carey elevate the release to even greater heights. So put on your dancing shoes and let this electrifying EP take you on a musical journey you won't want to miss!

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