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REVIEW: Daniel Dejman presents ŌRU

Blossoming from the Chicago underground, rising producer Daniel Dejman returns to the release radar with an epic two-track offering. His new EP, ‘ŌRU’, features a tantalizing blend of techno sensibilities that serve as another shining addition to expanding discography. Daniel Dejman continues to showcase his knack for hard-hitting techno productions with each subsequent release. Out now, the ‘ŌRU’ EP is available to stream across platforms.

‘ŌRU’ is his last work and the consolidation of a trajectory marked by a need to express his emotions through each of his pores. This last job lands this season and he does so marking a turning point in his career. Few producers know how to play his cards as well as he does, scoring a record that calls into question the rules of the genre, building a timeless set, to which we will go over time trying to decipher that magical and complex mechanism that manages to transcend all expectation.

Dejman has managed to build with this ‘ŌRU’ a utopian world that, in the manner of Noe, with his ark, wants to free us from the enormous storm that we live together, but above all, the one that is coming. A whole lesson, a way of understanding not only music, but culture, beyond the precarious status that currently governs, as something expendable, as if music, books or art did not save us. Forget about this magmatic present for a moment, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by each of the notes that this singular producer proposes, because within ‘ŌRU’ he is safe and it seems that everything is starting over.

Overall, the two-track EP is another monumental addition to Daniel Dejman’s rolodex.

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