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Das Mörtal presents ‘PIECES’ (Ft. Dance With The Dead)

Electronic producer Das Mörtal released his latest single, ‘PIECES’ featuring Dark Synthwave duo Dance With The Dead, on the 9th of August. The collaboration is taken from his fourth album, BURY THE SORROW, which will be available for pre-order from Bandcamp on the 4th of August before the official release on the 13th of October via Lisbon Lux Records.

‘PIECES’ follows his recently shared heavy-hitter titled ‘IDÖL’, which was praised by heavyweight industry webzine Run The Trap as well as Canadian Beats, adding to the list of publications that have complimented his music. The list includes METAL Magazine, Ottawa Life Magazine, MetalSucks, Cult MTL, Le Canal Auditif, DIFFUS Magazine, VOLT Magazine, and Brutal Resonance to name a few. All the while, his music earned Most Added New Release on the American college radio chart Top 200 NACC, received spins on CJSW Radio, and was featured on the NewRetroWave Youtube channel.

From Orange County, California, USA Dance With The Dead is a duo that fuses Metal and Synthwave in a roaring blend of thrashing guitar, arpeggiated synths, and live drums. Das Mörtal says: “Featuring Tony Kim from Dance with the Dead, who was the last person I saw before the world went into slumber. PIECES is the result of the mind's inability to move forward during that moment in time.”

A song for techno dance floors and some darker rooms. With the new opus in the pipeline, Das Mörtal is set to explore other genres, but always with an emo foundation. This witch house song is another classically ‘Mörtal’ track. ‘PIECES’ is equal parts retro and dark grunge – a distorted guitar overlays an orderly and symmetrical drum pattern. Reminiscent of ‘80s sci-fi movie soundtracks, this administers a strong dose of action-packed nostalgia reminiscent of Kap Bambino, Crystal Castles, Perturbator, and DEADLIFE.

Das Mörtal began his journey in Berlin, inspired by artists such as Steve Moore and Aphex Twin. The producer forges a dark and nostalgic sound, skillfully mixing influences that range from German Techno to horror and sci-fi film soundtracks. With several EPs and albums released, he has performed at numerous major festivals such as Osheaga, Transmusicales de Rennes, FME, and Meg Festival, while opening on tours for Vitalic, Perturbator, Carpenter Brut, artists to whom his music can be likened.

Now part of the world's leading Synthwave producers, the enigmatic artist offers a more personal sound, a unique musical signature charming a growing audience worldwide. With over 20 million streams on Spotify alone, Das Mörtal receives media and radio support in a dozen countries, as well as on several influential pages on YouTube. On stage, he has racked up nearly 100 shows since 2015, including more than 70 dates in the U.S. and Europe (UK, France, Scandinavia).

About the Album:

BURY THE SORROW marks a new direction in Das Mörtal’s music-making process. Unlike previously released works that were inspired by imaginary narratives, we are now thrust into a more personal universe dealing with themes of mental struggles, pressure, and other troubles brought up by the quarantine. You won’t find constant ‘80s music callbacks here, even though it is deeply rooted in the persona that is Das Mörtal.

Don’t forget to pre-order a copy of BURY THE SORROW.

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