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'Days Go By': Ori Kawa & The Entals, Mishell Ivon

From the creative tableau of Entality Sonics Co. arises a delightful nod to yesteryears. Ori Kawa and The Entals join forces with the inimitable Mishell Ivon to give us 'Days Go By', an epic revival of a rave classic.

Nu-disco influences are evident, with echoes of Dirty Vegas, Purple Disco Machine, Chromeo, and more. Yet the rendition retains a unique identity; it's the past served on a platter of the present. It's slower, funkier, and incredibly engaging. Like a beckoning invitation to a Raver Prom Reunion, it urges you to get your dancing shoes on and relive the charm of a golden era. Brace yourself to lose your bearings in the ebb and flow of its intoxicating rhythm.


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