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DEARI - Unstoppable (Feat. Rosie May) [Perfect Havoc]

DEARI - Unstoppable (Feat. Rosie May) [Perfect Havoc]

Unveiling the concoction of pop and piano house, DEARI teams up with Rosie May to birth "Unstoppable," a track that thrives on underground sensibilities amidst the mainstream palette. The blend is not just refreshing but an elevation, a notch above the routine. Crafted in the quaint solitude of a Liverpool apartment, DEARI's instrumental prowess found its soul when Rosie May lent her vocals to the mix. The richness she brings, intertwines with the rhythmic layers, creating a depth that’s as palpable as it is pleasing. “Unstoppable” is not just a title, it’s an experience, a rush of motivation entwined within the beats and lyrical wisdom. This anthem, courtesy of Perfect Havoc, is not just a song, but a melody for the motivated, a tune for the tireless.

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