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Drivetrain / G-Prod - "Celestial"

Release Title: - Drivetrain / G-Prod - Celestial

Label Name: - Soiree Records International

Release Date: - Monday, April 1 2024

DRIVETRAIN/The Moonlight

A steamy and impassioned orchestration lead by a captivating vocal mantra, tribal percussions and the soundtrack a late night chronicle.

DRIVETRAIN/Moonlight & You

Driven by drums and bass, the jazzy ambience of voice and melodic chord progression sets the stage for a big crescendo.


A wall of mesmerizing pads float fluently atop the velvety, abduction of the dominating groove provided by the rhythm section.

G-PROD/Moonlight (David Duriez Floating Light Mix)

Adding a different spice to the mesmerization, the remix is an intoxicating acid adventure through the frequency spectrum.


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