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Embarking on the crest of an exhilarating wave of triumph, dynamic duo Young Bombs returns to the release radar with their latest sonic gem, “Let You Down”. Amidst a year brimming with resounding achievements, marked by a string of intoxicating releases and an electrifying performance at the iconic EDC Las Vegas, Young Bombs trajectory knows no bounds. Emanating an aura of sonic prowess, the remarkable production builds upon the resounding success of their March-released single “BAD” featuring Discrete and Alex Hosking, as well as their illustrious April-released remix of Gryffin’s chart-topping hit “Forever”. Heralded as masters of their craft, Young Bombs demonstrates an unrivaled ability to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving them mesmerized with each harmonious offering. “Let You Down” is out now and available to stream across all platforms via Sony Music Canada. Immersed in an exhilarating fusion of pop and dance, “Let You Down’ is an electrifying anthem that serves as a testament to the unwavering musical mastery of Young Bombs. Tapping the creative talents of Rollo, known for his transformative work alongside the likes of David Guetta, Charlie XCX, and more, and the dynamic force of Deza, the intoxicating production envelopes listeners in a kaleidoscope of vibrant beats. Adorned by Deza’s enchanting vocals, the track transports audiences to a realm of unparalleled musical euphoria. The uplifting melody intertwined seamlessly with an irresistible rhythm, setting the stage for a profoundly empowering narrative that gracefully unfurls throughout the track. Infused with an energetic tempo and imbued with uplifting production, listeners are effortlessly coaxed to let loose and surrender to this magnetic opus, liberating their spirits and igniting a palpable spark within the depths of one's being.

"Over the last year, we had many talks about what the future held for Young Bombs. Feeling like there was further expression of our artistry to be discovered, we came to the agreement that we wanted our music to have a deeper meaning for us and our fans. The only logical solution was to keep the pieces of our identity that make us who we are, while refining our sound to match our vision. Of course, there was a lot of fear in choosing this path. Would our fans embrace our new sound and aesthetic? In the end, we had to trust our collective gut, while creating and releasing music that felt honest and authentic. Our new single ‘Let You Down’ is a taste of what’s to come. Thank you to all our fans for following us on this next chapter of our journey."

- Young Bombs

Emerging as luminaries in the realm of dance music, Young Bombs continues their meteoric ascent, boasting an impressive legion of over 1.1 million monthly active listeners, a devoted following of 22,000 on Spotify, and a staggering total of 215 million Spotify streams. Renowned for their distinctive production style, the duo seamlessly amalgamates elements of pop and dance, creating an invigorating and contemporary sound that effortlessly permeates both radio airwaves and vibrant club scenes. With a meticulous approach, their attention to detail is palpable in every layer of their productions, resulting in irresistible beats that quicken hearts and delicately crafted melodies that linger in the mind’s soundscape. “Let You Down” serves as an enduring testament to their innate ability to craft a sonic auditory experience that captivates audiences with its catchiness and resonates profoundly on an emotional level, etching an indelible mark upon those fortunate enough to encounter it. Continuing to forge their unique path, Young Bombs continues to leave an everlasting imprint upon the vast tapestry of the dance music space.

ABOUT YOUNG BOMBS – Vancouver-based duo Young Bombs has had an exhilarating start to their career, making the bold leap from remixers to DJs/Producers. Driven by a personal and creative chemistry forged back in Vancouver high school, the best friends turned DJ-duo have amassed +215 million streams in four years across all music platforms. Bringing their career to new heights, they have lent their talents to everyone from Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, and Lady Gaga to Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Khalid and Bazzi. Having taken over TikTok with their “How to Trigger...” trend; Young Bombs have been consistently releasing heaters: “BAD” featuring Discrete & Alex Hosking, “Kinda Funny” featuring Audrey Mika and “U Up?” featuring Stondon Massey that has over 8M global streams, to name a few. Their highly successful hits have garnered attention from the likes of Tiesto, Oliver Heldens, and Don Diablo. Simultaneously, they have graced the stages of blockbuster festivals such as EDC Las Vegas in May 2023, Lollapalooza, Firefly Music Festival, and The Billboard Hot 100 Festival. Not to mention they have supported The Chainsmokers, Galantis, R3hab, and Adventure Club on tour around the globe.

Tour Dates

06.30 - Premier Nightclub - Atlantic City, NJ 07.07 - SLATE - New York, NY 07.29 - Lakeside Live - Kenora, ON 07.30 - Rose Disco - Vancouver, BC 08.27 - Sky SLC - Salt Lake City, UT 09.08 - Rifflandia - Victoria, BC 10.07 - Trio - Charleston, SC

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