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Echonomist presents ‘Secret Places’ with first single featuring Avangart Tabldot & Alexandros Miaris

Echonomist’s productions have often circled the fringes of electronic pop. The Greek producer pushes this further on his latest single ‘Secret Places’, a shimmering synth-driven collaboration with Alexandros Miaris and Avangart Tabldot, out 14th July on Innervisions.

‘Secret Places’ is the first taste of Echonomist’s forthcoming album of the same name for Innervisions, and the gateway to the record’s synth-driven fantasyland. Featuring the distinctive falsetto vocals of Alexandros Miaris—frontman of London group Electric Litany— and sonic touch of electronic production trio Avangart Tabldot, the title track toasts a new era of musicality for Echonomist that distills his love of electro-pop into a bright indie reverie.

Echonomist first came across Alexandros Miaris’s striking vocals in London almost 15 years ago. “I immediately fell in love with his voice since then and I always wanted to collaborate with him and connect our music worlds! Every track I did with him it felt like a ceremony,” he says. “Each time he sent me something new, I felt like the skies had opened and his voice was the vehicle to connect with something divine.”

Providing a glimpse of Echonomist’s upcoming album, ‘Secret Places’ is an electro-burnished gem with a heart of pop, existing at the threshold between indie and dance. Another gem of a release from a prolific and constantly evolving artist.


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