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Elif Launches New Label ‘Marginalia’ with Three-Track Medusa EP

Featuring collaborations with Althoff and Takiru

[September 29, 2023 – Barcelona, Spain] Turkish-born, Barcelona-based DJ and producer Elif celebrates the launch of her debut label Marginalia today, with the release of the imprint’s eagerly anticipated inaugural offering, Medusa EP.

Conceived and created as a community to support, nurture and develop the incredible output of the producers whose music forms the backbone of Elif’s DJ sets worldwide, Marginalia’s opening three-track opus features two separate collaborations with hotly-tipped Brazilian producer Althoff and Tel Aviv-based artist Takiru, alongside an original solo offering from label boss Elif.

Marginalia’s inaugural release opens with its blistering title track Medusa; a stunning original mix from Elif herself, which presents all of the hypnotic sensibilities we’ve come to know and love from the Turkish producer’s impeccable output. Laying a foundation of chugging percussion, skittish samples and snarling bass, Medusa unfolds a fantastical patchwork of trippy synth-work, ebbing and flowing between each element to heady effect, as Elif opens up Marginalia’s catalogue in style.

Referencing the wildly imaginative notes and markings made in the margins of books dating back to the 11th Century, the EP’s aptly-titled second offering, Run Wild, sees Elif team up with close friend and fellow Barcelona-based artist Althoff. Championing a sinister, medieval sound palette that’s founded on raw, organic house and melodic techno sentiments, the pair’s inaugural collaboration is a masterclass from the off, and one that fully embraces the label’s sound and ethos. Deliciously fluid and wholly authentic, Run Wild is primed for late-night listening and already looks set to enter into the selections of dance music’s international touring elite.

Last, but by no means least, Elif rounds out Marginalia’s first EP with another debut collaboration, this time with hotly-tipped Israeli producer Takiru; one of the leading artists within Tel-Aviv’s flourishing underground circuit. Their intoxicating vocal cut, WTF, serves as a rapturous leftfield closer that transcends the notion of genres, instead opting for stark ambiguity and originality. Combining the seemingly disparate realms of 80s rock, Italo disco, breakbeat and electronica, the pair’s joint offering produces a daring, yet warmly familiar sound that’s as niche as it is versatile.

Speaking about the launch of Marginalia, Elif commented:

“This label has been a long time in the making and I’m beyond excited to finally be sharing our concept of Marginalia with the world. I’m fortunate enough to be sent truly amazing music by some of the most incredibly talented producers on a daily basis, and Marginalia is my way of shedding light on the talent that keeps this industry alive. Althoff and Takiru are two artists that I’ve got so much respect for, and I’m so grateful that they’ve trusted me with our collaborations to launch this new project.”

Elif - Medusa EP is out now via Marginalia:

Medusa EP Tracklist:

1. Elif – Medusa (Original Mix)

2. Elif, Althoff – Run Wild (Original Mix)

3. Elif, Takiru – WTF (Original Mix)


Illustrations: Emel Ozkul

Artwork Design: Skywaterr

Art Direction: Ozge Ates

Artist: Elif, Althoff, Takiru

Title: Medusa EP

Label: Marginalia

Release Date: September 29

Format: Digital


About Marginalia:

The conceptual brainchild of Turkish-born, Barcelona-based DJ and producer, Elif, Marginalia is a new home for undiscovered electronic artists to express their unbridled creativity within a framework of absolute sonic freedom. Established as a platform to support, nurture and develop the incredible output of the unknown producers whose music forms the backbone of Elif’s DJ sets worldwide, Marginalia represents a forward-thinking community that looks to bolster the profiles of the hardest working – often least rewarded – individuals in the music industry; individuals without whom the scene’s ecosystem would collapse entirely.

The etymology of the name itself dates back to the 11th Century and references the wildly inventive notes, markings, doodles and sketches made in the margins of medieval books and scriptures — a place where the human imagination was free to run wild. Spurring uninhibited creativity, avant-garde thinking and a safe place of expression for largely undiscovered talent, Elif now looks to translate this age-old tradition into a twenty-first century paradigm and give back to the incredible pool of artists to whom she owes so much.

Unwavering in her mission, Elif’s commitment to showcasing the very finest electronic music whilst supporting burgeoning talent stems from her resolute pledge to the positive evolution of our beloved scene. Expounding this mission with a clear artistic vision running through all aspects of the label’s output and sound design, Marginalia now looks set to contribute to the on-going development of underground electronic music in both a refreshing and sustainable new way.

About Elif:

Born and raised in the cultural hub of Istanbul, Turkish DJ, producer and Marginalia label head Elif is rapidly earning her rightful place amongst dance music’s elite. Laying claim to an abundance of internationally celebrated releases on some of the industry’s leading labels – including her recently launched Marginalia imprint – the prolific Barcelona-based talent has managed to carve out her own unique sonic path since emerging onto the scene in 2019, and is rapidly making a name for herself as one of the most exciting, in-demand artists in electronic music today.


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