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With "Zoom Zoom" that continues to generate massive waves around the world, Emy Perez continues to demonstrate her endless artistic abilities as she builds her solo career. With previous co-authors along with some of the world's most iconic artists and products

rs, Emy's undeniable songwriting ability emanates from every track she works. By encapsulating her passion and her rich musical heritage in each release, she manages to create timeless, high-quality productions, regardless of genre. Promising fans a constant stream of new music, "Maria" and "Zoom Zoom" are just the beginning of what Emy Perez has in store.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with her, and this has been the result of her.

What was the first thing that attracted you to the world of electronic music? It forces you to be way more creative than with instruments as a songwriter.

Most electronic music doesn’t have many chord changes or is as intricate as a jazz tune. We’ve had to push the envelope and generate the craziest, catchiest melodies that make the listener travel, break through the monotony of the production and still be able to sit on 4 chords nicely. Also, lol I love drops.

Do you remember any album or concert that has changed everything?

I remember going to an Aerosmith concert when I was 17. They were supposed to play for 1 and a half hours and ended up playing for 3 and a half. Steven Tyler’s energy was transcendent!

Since you got into this professionally, what did you miss the most nationally, internationally and on the contrary, what helped you the most to grow, even to believe in yourself?

I got into the game quite early so I’ve never missed much internationally, but since I left my country, I missed out on first of all my family, second all of the Latin music that got huge over the years didn’t get to my ears in real time and that kind of bummed me out back then. Right now, I know immediately. It’s such a blessing! What helped me grow was my versatility. I’ve always been good at any style, I could always write anything, sing anything, rap anything. My ability to do it all was my hindrance as an artist for a long time, now it’s my forte! How is the music scene living in your city with this murky pandemic situation?

The music scene has been mostly streamable + a few artists have taken to making videos of themselves performing at the studio or a venue. It’s been hard but I’m grateful that me and mine are healthy that this hell is almost over. What are your favorite places to hang out in the city?

Lol the studio ❤️ Have you had time to focus on making music, spending time with your family, or planning future projects?

I’ve had time to work on my own music when there used to be none. I’ve spent most of my days with the love of my life. I miss my family everyday and my grandma passed away during this pandemic, so I’ve had to focus on work to not think of how much it sucked not to haven been there for her funeral. How was the ‘Maria' project born?

Maria was born out of thin air, it’s my alter ego trying to push through. I’m a softy. She’s a badass! What do you want to convey in this work? What is the concept behind it?

I want to empower women worldwide, I feel like we need a voice out there that doesn’t necessarily need to be half naked or naked to show how powerful she is. As for your studio, what is your setup currently made of?

I’m low budget all the way! Focusrite 3rd gen, SM7B and KRK speakers ✌🏽 What's the one team you'll never get rid of, no matter what?

My boo. He’s everything. What would you say is the definition of your sound?

Latin fused with Flamenco and Electronic. What was the last record store you visited and what did you get out there?

Omg… lol

I really can’t remember. Is that bad?

Thanks for having me! Listen to Zoom Zoom and Maria out now!

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