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Actualizado: 25 mar 2020

"When luck will smile on you - you must be ready to use that chance"

Errortica is one of the finest—a wonderfully gifted DJ who is able to capture an implicit beauty in a genre full of raw darkness, and a fine producer in her own right. It seems only right that she steps into the chair to answer your questions this month.

Who is Errortica?

Hi, my name is Sasha. I was born in Saint-Petersburg / Russia. I have some synths, a lot of music, radioshow called Melomantica, and opportunity to have great friends ..and dog, I have a dog.

How and when did you get into music and electronic music? What music has influenced you? Are there any that could surprise you?

The day that changed my live was when I got ill and stayed at home at my middle school ages, I used to watch VH1 non-stop with no reason, but suddenly there I saw and heard for the first time in my life The Rolling Stones - so since then I was infected with music. They still are my heroes number one. I’m a huge fan of David Bowie also - and he surprised me with his death, you know… I also have a huge collection of rock music - like from rare unknown freak-beat to huge new wave names, Then I was for a long time inspired by all kinds of soul (from popular Motown to unknown Jamaican soul ahah), and of course everything from funk thought disco to house and so on and so for… nerd style

Is there a particular thing that you look for in music?

No, i mean when you hear it - you feel that you like it haha

How would you describe your sound? Your music mixes elements of dark wave, post punk, synthpop… how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard any of your songs?

I love music in general - depends on mood, can actually mix mostly everything, only stuff that you will never find in my playlist would be like something too intelligent, if you know what i mean - like super avant-garde thirty minutes tracks with no developing, or like super obscure trash music ahaha, or too obvious stuff with like no idea. for all the rest I’m quite open - wanna have fresh perception of music, so don’t want to be filled in any frameworks

How did you first break into Djing?

I was digging music since I was 12, I guess, but I never thought of becoming a DJ or whatsoever close to that, but it just happened - once my friend asked me to play on his party in a small club, and after that - this club began inviting me, and then other places and even countries - so it just turned this way somehow, never thought of that actually, but I’m really glad it happened. I am just doing what I really love to - finding music - and when I have a chance to share it with somebody - it’s awesome, right?

One of the main features of your approach as a DJ is to both entertain and educate an audience.

Hard to argue with that haha

What in your opinion makes an artist great, besides talent and dedication?

Luck and self-education. I mean when luck will smile on you - you must be ready to use that chance.

How would you assess the state of electronic music today?

Perfect, if you know where to seek out, otherwise you gonna spend a lot of time to find something that you will really enjoy / or if you are not so brave to dive into the ocean of daily replenished available information and music - you probably gonna listen something else.

Do you think that we will have a scene in which promoters back to love music, soon?

haha funny question, I know what you mean, maybe it’s not only about promoters, it’s also about people who go to the festivals, clubs etc. Promoters need money for developing, right? For this moment they can get it for 100% (and it is also not always) via inviting huge names, at the sight of which people will for sure come. And this huge names sometimes are also not in love with music you know what I mean? And if promoters invite some amazing, but unknown musicians or whatsoever from other countries, waste a lot of money for booking them etc and no-one comes on the show, that can be the end of promo group - and they don’t want to risk that way too often. So may be somehow now with the boom of Internet and social media we all just need to speed the rhythm of personal information processing and to spend sometime and to become well educated again - to be interested and involved, to understand what is a product of art and what is a commerce. Then it will be hard to fool the crowd you know, people will be in need of getting something new, something really good and something else every time - and then promoters won’t be able to skive. Ahaha sounds like a fairytale…

Do you have any vision or personal predictions about music evolving in the future and its position in the world?

I mean I have some, but I’m not allowed to tell haha

What is one deep thought that you have heard recently?

That’s funny. This weekend Lena Willikens was in town to play DJ-set on one of the biggest festivals of our city, so we’ve been walking on the streets, searching for some drinks and I’ve noticed a man with suitcase full of small papers with fortune-tellings and «wise advices», and I sad that we also have to make a wish and take one - so Lena got «Important is not important». It’s is cool to recall in your mind that «deep thought» from time to time, and somehow i remembered this words so good, especially considering the fact that all the rest of advices from that case were pure crap haha.

Upcoming projects?

I’m finishing my first EP - I spent too much time for searching the sound I wanna be associated with, but now I’m kinda glad with that - so we’ll see, and also we’re releasing kinda synth-wave dance oriented mini-album with my friend Neverpais.


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