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FedRed & Danny release Symbiosis EP Vol.1 on Electronic Music Division Records

Technically the Symbiosis is an interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. Two artists friends, FedeRed & Danny, that are fusing sounds and listening experiences in one and only unique music travel.

“Symbiosis EP Vol.1” is a path where two different entity/DJ ’s, each with their taste and attitude towards music, however having the same objective.

Federico Rossi, aka FedRed aka Exit28, dj and producer, born in Rome in September '92, fell in love with electronic music on his first trip to London in 2009, when he entered a vinyl store for the very first time. Academic path within the Electronic Division of Lorenzo DADA. At the moment, promoter of his organization, SUNDAYB, which offers parties as different as the sounds he is looking for: house, tech-house and techno, mixed together with synths, congas, very full basses with space melodies.

Daniele Cesari, tech house dj and producer. He was born in Rome on October 31, 1991. Passionate about electronic music in all its disciplines, he develops a parallel strong attraction for Tech-House. He loves to experiment during his dj-sets, ranging from Tech-House to Bass House up to Minimal Deep, absorbing the influences of old vinyls of funky and house music heard as a child. Needing to increase his musical and artistic baggage, he begins to take his first steps in the world of production, translating all his research into his academic career at the electronic music division in Rome which will influence his first productions of the Tech-House genre


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