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Filterwolf - Amor Fati - Filigran

Filterwolf - Amor Fati - Filigran

The sonic soothsayer known as Filterwolf, or Adnan Durić-Steinmann by birth, has ushered in a new age with his latest album, "Amor Fati". The title, a Latin phrase signifying acceptance of one's fate, is an apt descriptor for the introspective journey embarked upon across the album's ten tracks.

The opening track, "Dubrovnik", immediately sets a tone of thoughtful exploration, as Filterwolf deftly weaves a canvas of sound that pays homage to the masters of house and techno while remaining fiercely unique. Further into the album, the pulse-quickening rhythms of "Giorgio" and the serene vibes of "Polaris" serve as clear indications of the artist's deep understanding and transformation of the genre.

In the realm of contemporary electronic music, few can reinvent themselves without losing their core essence. Yet, Filterwolf does so with an elegant finesse, delivering finely chiseled anthems that radiate with warm synths and cascading grooves.

Yet it's the album's namesake track, "Amor Fati", that serves as the heart of this release. It's here where the sonic alchemist truly bends the genre to his will, crafting a song that blurs conventions and resonates with the message of personal growth and transformation.

In the words of the artist himself, this is "completely unique and convention-blurring music". And in the landscape of house, tech-house, and electronica, it's a manifesto of artistic sovereignty that stands as a testament to Filterwolf's mastery and dedication to his craft.


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