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FLVN presents Sensaciones Platonicas

FLVN brings an array of darkened synth sounds and heavy rhythms to his chugging new

‘Sensaciones Platonicas’ EP on bORDEL Records.

Frenchmen Flavien Gaubert aka FLVN grew up on a mix of Bowie and Radiohead, the noise of Sonic Youth and the bold bass of Soviet Soviet, and all that comes out in his own music. It's a new and raw take on techno-disco that is psychedelic and full of surprises on labels like Night Noise and Playground.

Now he steps up to bORDEL Records with two guest vocalists.

The first is Blaues Einhorn aka Charlie Lumberjack on the track 'Freaks,' a stiff, jarring drum machine rhythm with plenty of post-punk angst and crashing hits. The deadpan vocal adds menace while the fat bass stomps on and industrial sounds in the distance up the tension. It's a brilliantly austere cut.

Argentina-born singer and producer Abby Knives then brings occult charm and libidinous overtones to 'Sensaciones Platonicas'. This one has another stark and mechanical groove with booming bass and cold wave synth chords. It's a seriously heavyweight track with a twisted late-night energy that is finished to perfection by the seductively whispered vocals.

This is a haunting yet alluring new offering from the dark synth wizard that is FLVN.


01 Freaks feat. Blaues Einhorn

02 Sensaciones Platonicas feat. Abby Knives


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