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Folamour - Voyage (feat. Amadou & Mariam)

“Voyage” is the next segment of Folamour’s upcoming album, Manifesto, due out May 26. “Voyage” has an undeniable housey groove which Amadou & Mariam ride effortlessly into a blissful, sun-soaked setting.

You may know Folamour as an internationally touring DJ, whipping up euphoric moments on the dance floor (like he did for one of the top Boiler Room sets of all time), but that’s only one side of the multi-faceted French artist. He’s also a producer and singer who has worked with iconic artists such as Nightmares on Wax and SG Lewis. Folamour is constantly evolving his creative vision. His music spans across genres, drawing from hip-hop, indie, pop, house music, and beyond.

Manifesto is a radical exploration of the multi-genre sounds of his upbringing and the global sounds of Marseilles featuring a slew of artists from around the world, such as South Sudanese Canadian artist Emmanuel Jal, Dutch band and Jungle By Night. The LP is accompanied by his own deeply personal manifesto (link), championing self-expression, togetherness, and a love for freedom—homages to early dance music culture and against contemporary society’s growing intolerance.

Amadou & Mariam are a legendary Grammy nominated (Best Contemporary World Music Album) husband-and-wife duo from Mali who have been performing together since the 1980s. As both people with vision impairment, Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia first met at Mali’s Bamako Institute for the Young Blind, where they were involved in teaching music. A few years after meeting, they married and began performing in Mali. By 1985, they began touring together outside of the country. Since then, Amadou & Mariam have released eight studio albums, several of which have charted highly globally. In 2022, the duo released a live album titled Eclipse, which was recorded from a performance done in complete darkness. In the past couple of years, the duo has teamed up with dance music artists SOFI TUKKER and Francis Mercier.


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