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French act "Calling Marian" drops new single Déserter

Introducing "Déserter", an emotive and progressive indie dance masterpiece that transcends boundaries. With its deep, slow BPM and mesmerizing melodies, this song is a sonic journey of breaking free and embracing solitude. "Déserter" invites listeners to explore their inner worlds while moving to its entrancing dance beats. Its unique blend of indie charm and melodic richness sets it apart. A testament to the power of music to evoke emotion and inspire selfdiscovery, 'Déserter' is a must-listen. The new track Déserter will be out September 15th of 2023. It’s the last single release before the long awaited upcoming album "Hyper Opus" on CVNT Reocords.

Calling Marian is an electronic music producer, trained in musicology, known for her ability to blend diverse influences to create powerful, sincere, and emotional music. She has graced alternative scenes and major festivals, sharing the stage with renowned artists. In 2022, Calling Marian is set to unveil her debut album, "Hyper Opus, " a musical manifesto exploring alternative femininity, sisterhood, and their impact on the ecological and human challenges of our time.

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