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GLORIA is exploring genre-bending electronic sound on her new EP

Let us introduce GLORIA and her new EP called "LVS". Be ready that these three tracks will take your attention and get stuck in your head for a long time.

GLORIA is a Budapest-based songwriter, producer, and vocalist who boldly experiments with electronic sound and musical clichés. Interested in music perception and the felt experience, all her tracks sound branded, recognizable, and innovative. GLORIA considers her music metamodern, constantly oscillating between vulnerability and irony.

"I'm making art of my everyday life, about digital capitalism and capitalist realism. Almost everybody can connect to this music because we're all living in the same system. Some enjoy the benefits, others suffer its downsides, but there are no borders or boundaries. It's all the same," — says GLORIA.

The best way to get acquainted with GLORIA's style — check out her debut music video for the song "PTS". The video received positive reactions from the public and was noted by professionals winning the main prize of the Hungarian Music Video Awards in 2021, and gained The Best of Vimeo Staff Pick badge (in other words, it became the best video of the month on Vimeo). It is also featured in the Music Video Exhibition at UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site Völklingen Ironworks.

A new release from GLORIA offers the listener a fascinating journey through the universe of electronic genres. In the track called "THD", we hear a rather unsettling leftfield house base, encrusted with a hypnotizing melody reminiscent of early minimal techno works of Dusty Kid. However, you can also draw a parallel with the deconstructed music of artists like Arca or Holly Herndon. Stumbling IDM rhythm argues against uplifting but suspended pads, while the sampled vocals induce a trancelike state among listeners. Truly free music!

"LVS" — another track from this EP — has a more apparent song structure and sits somewhere between the Scuba-like future garage and the vocal house of Hercules & Love Affair. It sounds less polished and catchy, causing mixed emotions and making you think: is it still a dancefloor banger or a confession? Admittedly, this David Bowie-inspired track is about "that secret longing, and how we defend against the vulnerability of seeking an emotionally intimate connection" — as GLORIA explains.

Another version of "LVS" included in the release is not the usual slightly modified remix of the leading single, but practically another song. Laid on buttery dream-pop sound textures, GLORIA's vocals take on new colors and reveal a new level of drama in it. "It's two sides of the same coin," she adds.

All tracks for the new release GLORIA wrote by herself, and Mark Moldvai assisted her with sound engineering. Mark is also a founding member of the seminal Hungarian band Neo.

GLORIA's "LVS" EP will be released on the Ukrainian label Masterskaya on April 27. It is a Kyiv-based indie label founded by Ivan Dorn, a famous artist in Eastern Europe. At the moment, the label's team has left Ukraine because of the war and continues to work in Europe.


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