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Gottwax Unleashes the Seventh Instalment: Laidlaw's 'Prophecy' EP

Gottwax is back with its seventh instalment, and this time, the reins are in the hands of the Beeyou co-founder and FUSE regular, Laidlaw. Laidlaw showcases his unparalleled talent and versatility as a producer in the 'Prophecy' EP, solidifying his status as one of the rising stars in the scene. This four-track EP takes listeners on a journey through deep house, stripped-back grooves, and breakbeat, making it an absolute essential for every discerning DJ's collection.

The EP kicks off with 'Wait Till The End,' a deep house gem with a playful bass line, moody chords, and sparkling top notes. Each element is thoughtfully crafted, blending harmoniously to create an atmosphere that subtly builds throughout the track. 'Wait Till The End' is a flawlessly realised tune, serving as an incredibly strong start to this EP.

Next up is 'Planet 727,’ is a minimal groover with deep, subby bass and hints of tribal drums, infusing the rhythm with captivating movement. This track is one for late-night, ensuring the dance floor keeps moving till the early hours.

As the title track of the EP, 'Prophecy' does not disappoint. This groove-laden breakbeat track is brimming with deep sub bass and intricate textures, leading into an infectious melody. A must-have in every DJ's bag, 'Prophecy' will undoubtedly be the soundtrack for countless future parties.

Closing out the EP is 'That Was Well Quick,' a high-energy composition adorned with mesmerising melodic textures. With its hypnotising baseline groove and captivating top lines, this track creates an infectious atmosphere, injecting an electrifying energy into the dance floor. 'That Was Well Quick' is an absolute essential for all devoted electronic music lovers.

We are beyond excited to welcome Laidlaw to the Gottwax family and share this incredible release you. Prepare to be taken on an unforgettable sonic journey with the ‘Prophecy EP’.


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