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HAJJ - Dédicace à Personne [BFDM Records]

Eclectic artist Hajj releases EP: "Dédicace à personne" on BFDM Records. Hajj is an artist / cameraman and composer. I have co-founded the record label "Dawn" in 2009, which he directs the artistic direction.

Member of the Schnell Records brotherhood, a collective that develops unlimited Dada music and philosophy. It also has its program "Souffrance FM" that broadcasts on LYL Radio, invites artists to express their vision of Peter Pan syndrome through their artistic practice. In 2018 he presented us with part of the work of this EP, with his live audio / video performance "My love is rotten to the core" (first track on the EP), a captivating performance that takes both experimental cinema and a club experience cathartic, mixing the rush of his documentary as his investigation of sounds, borrowing different codes such as mr, rap, trap, uk grime and ambient.

This EP ’is a direct reference to Tim Hecker’s album of the same name which is also taken from a line of Van Halen's major hit‘ Ain't Talkin '' Bout Love ’.

The tracks "I Tried To Tell Ya Something Through This Fucking Phone" and "Dad Is Destroying The World For My Sake", immerse us in some very cinematic and reflective sounds, which manage to take us to another dimension. All these tracks come together, in the manner of a philosophical essay, until they combine an album as experimental as it is intense and addictive, which takes possession of oneself as a sweet poison. Great EP.



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