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Hard To Tell release ‘Love Pedal’ EP on TAU

Long time friends and rising producers, Hard To Tell arrive on TAU with three percussive cuts that epitomise their natural talent. The duo have been building their profile with a steady flow of releases with leading labels, such as Innervisions, Sum Over Histories and Engrave Ltd. Their ability to blend melodic elements with intricate drum programming and captivating dance floor energy has earned them a sterling reputation already, with lots more to come. 

On the Love Pedal EP we get three fresh new tracks, each demonstrating the remarkable ability of this dynamic duo...

Hard To Tell’s EP kicks off with the title track, which is driven by a stuttered, slightly unorthodox rhythm. Emotive, yet haunting vocals are accompanied by a range of percussive elements that give this cut a unique flavour. At the lower end, the bass meanders sensually, as the vocals glide over the top. This one has an air of lasciviousness, the soundtrack to naughty night time shenanigans.

‘Be Waiting’ is next up, with more of that inspired drum programming. The beats are mesmerising, cultivating an irresistibly groovy rhythm.

An energy-inducing melody forms the nucleus of this track, building the tension as macabre elements creep in. The breakdown highlights a few key aspects of the track, stripping away the beats to allow for a fresh injection of energy in the second half. A wonderfully balanced mix of melancholy and uplifting sounds.

On the final track ‘I Didn’t’, Hard To Tell team up with Yet More. This time the rhythms draw from the tribal end of the spectrum, rolling with organic sounding percussion. The bassline works in tandem with a combination of stabs and vocal clips to keep the dance floor locked in. As the track progresses, a beautifully composed string-led melody guides us into the breakdown, where an organ also comes into play. This is a rousing cut that is certain to cause uproar wherever it’s played. 

Hard To Tell – Love Pedal EP is out now via TAU:


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