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Human Rias, Just James Feat. Teya Flow – Dont Know What To Say (Axel Haube Remix) [Eklektisch]

Founded by esteemed Spanish artist Edu Imbernon, Eklektisch Label has showcased a wide range of house and tech styles from many established and breakthrough artists since its inception in 2008. Its latest release welcomes 7Rituals frontman Human Rias alongside Just James and Belgian talent Axel Haube on ‘Don’t Know What To Say’, featuring standout vocals from Ukrainian vocalist Teya Flow.

The release will be a springboard to raise awareness for ‘Weles’, a charity that supports health workers in combat zones in eastern Ukraine by funding ambulances, critical medical supplies and evacuation vehicles for some of the most war-torn parts of the country amid the ongoing humanitarian crisis faced by Ukraine and its people.

The release opens with Human Rias and Just James’ original mix, which delivers an instantly gripping showcase of melodic-focused techno flavours. A combination of driving rhythms and dissolving harmonies provide the perfect foundation for Teya Flow’s captivating vocal topline as it ebbs and flows between potent danceable segments and immersive soundscapes to carve out a deep peak-time cut.

Axel Haube’s remix ends the release with an impressive addition, offering driving grooves and progressive musicality in the form of gritty electronic textures and enveloping atmospheric breaks. Another perfectly placed use of Teya Flow’s vocal hook brings the track together, keeping you on the front foot and lost in the journey from start to finish.

Buy: Release Date: 09-06-2023


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