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Actualizado: 11 dic 2023

Awe & Rue's latest EP, "Hott stuff," set to release on December 1, 2023, on Awe & Rue Productions, is a high-octane journey through the uncharted territories of Techno and its edgier subgenres. This seven-track masterpiece kicks off with "Amnesia," a thunderous opener that sets a relentless pace. The tracks seamlessly intertwine the aggressive beats of Techno, the hypnotic pulse of Hard Trance, and the gritty, unapologetic essence of Acid and Hardcore sounds.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing them and this has been the result.

For those that don't know you and your music, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm Awe & Rue, been mixr & Producer for 15 years.

Can you discuss a specific concept or idea that has deeply influenced your work, and how you've translated that into your compositions?

BASS, ive definitely applied bass to my life as all the best music has bass, I play the drums as a instrument but been round the bass guitar a lot it's a lovely instrument and starting point before you take it in production and apply the mixr and effects, i've got mine bouncing off a consistent 4 to the floor kick to full effect.

As an artist, have you experimented with various hardware and software throughout your career. Are there any particular pieces of gear or tools that have been instrumental in defining your sound, and why do they resonate with you?

I've used all the production software in my life, it also depends what your using it for and what they have in the studio but in my studio I still use the same program I started with and I've found my way around it over the last 15 years literally just by going in it and exploring and experimenting with mixing.

Have any non-musical sources inspired your music? Certain visual artists, films, or books? Can you elaborate on these influences and how they've shaped your artistic vision?

Star Wars, that's the best on the big screen, I got the 200 inch on the wall  in my studio so the sofa, cinema speakers and music studio gear on one side of the room and there's plenty space for the instruments like drum kit and guitars. I got an electric drum kit at the minute but yeah Star Wars has the whole epic Hard Dance sides to it like techno hardcore and happy hardcore with Ani Skywalker being the star when I was young it's wicked to see it playing today side by side.

Music can serve as an outlet for personal expression and self-discovery. Has there been a particular moment or phase in your life that has profoundly affected your creative process or the direction of your music?

I always been playing music like instruments before I was 15 and then I started mixing and producing on the software, studied music in school and college, uploaded few tracks when I was a teenager consistently and kept it up to date for over 10 years now, I always got plays and without using promotion so its always been there because I made it possible.

The process of creating an album or EP can be a trans formative experience for an artist. Can you discuss the journey behind one of your most significant releases, and how it reflects your growth and evolution as a musician?

that's actually this collection of tracks because I always excelled in production it was all about the quality of delivery when I'm 30 which is now but I've had plenty tracks and albums get loads plays and all that without promoting it out and it's like wow yeah it's really cool that as a mixr producer, ratios I'm up there with the all time greats.

Many artists have a sense of social responsibility and use their platform to raise awareness about various issues. Are there any causes or movements that you feel particularly passionate about, and how do you integrate them into your work? 

I proper create all my own sounds and I always showed that potential from day one I didn't need tutorial videos or even a college tutor which is a different story in itself so yeah I like to encourage people to actually make music and do something positive and not just put sounds together in production actually mix them actually make your own thing it's wicked and stick at whatever instrument or whatever it is because it's not about a-i.

Music often challenges conventional genre boundaries and expectations - walking the line between sounds. Do you think its important to sound a little different to the crowd?

I think in this business you need to sound the same within genres but have something stand out and distinct about your own music.

The role of improvisation in electronic music can vary greatly between artists. Can you discuss your perspective on the importance of spontaneity in your creative process, both in the studio and during live performances?

oh yeah, i've got the keyboard and other buttons as well but yeah you constantly need that spark of creativity and quick thinking on the spot attitude - it's a business world you could put it like that in the studio it's the same drive you need in a high demanding career you need to stay on your toes.

Throughout your life, you've likely encountered various mentors or collaborators who have influenced your growth as an artist. Can you share a particularly impactful experience or lesson you've learned from someone?

when I first left school my college tutor was like your best at music production and pointed out what I was doing was the correct way of mixing and producing music because I genuinely just got the software and just started doing it but that in itself is music getting you places because this life is do what you want to do in this life so I understand you are better off in this life with people who have a decent background in that profession.

What’s next for you?

more tracks on the regular basis, more creative process vibes and my high end career desk is a music studio.

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