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Axel Haube is all about dark vibes with subtle yet deep sounds and a dash of musical ecstasy. Axel is no stranger to major festivals and clubs like Tomorrowland (Afterlife Stage), Tomorrowland Winter, Extrema Outdoor, Paradise City Festival, Fuse, Ampere, Basis (NL), Complex Maastricht (NL) and many more.

With releases on labels like Watergate Records, Running Clouds and Click Records.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him and this has been the result.

What was the first thing that attracted you to the world of electronic music?

I was about 12-13 years old when I felt in love with Electronic Music.

When we went on holiday with the whole family with the car, my father was playing Trance music from Tiësto, Robert Miles, Solarstone etc. Since then I felt in love with electronic music. When my mother was taking over the radio I was not really amused haha, I would rather play B2B with my father! Do you remember an album or event that changed everything for you?

Free Vibes at Café d’Anvers. I was 15 years old when I won a DJ contest at the legendary club Café d’Anvers. (RIP) My mother had to drop me off in the middle of the red light district in Antwerp, can you imagine? Lucky she didn’t had to pick me up as it was my older brother who also joined afterwards that night and brought me back home safe. After this gig my very young career started rolling slowly and not much later I played another big club in Antwerp at the age of 16.

What labels can we find your music on, and what’s upcoming release plans?

Watergate Records – Remix for Marco Bailey

Petit Matin – EP incl remix from Brina Knauss

Future Romance – VA with ‘The Return’ which got huge support

Eleatics Records – EP incl remixes from The Element & Ivan Masa

Coming up:

  • Remix on Eklektisch from Edu Imbernon for Human Rias & Just James.

  • 2 EP’s on Labyrinth Music with a couple of nice remixers which I can’t tell you yet ;-)

Can you link us to one of your favourite sets online? (This is a set of yours)

Warm up at Circoloco Belgium, of course I love to play peak time sets but also love to play nice & smooth warm ups. In my humble opinion, this was a nice warm up set

How is the music scene in your home city?

We don’t have a big electronic music scene in my home city but it’s getting better and better. We have some boutique festivals & off location events but unfortunately there are no clubs here… BUT I have a really cool party planned on the 17th of June at the Courtyard of the city hall with my own brand ‘We Are’.

Mechelen also has a big festival with over 100.000 visitors over the weekend but this is with all different genres. Actually closing a 6.000 cap stage this year at the festival! Looking forward!

You have a lot of festivals in your schedule, how do you prepare for being on the road so much?

Having as much rest as possible in between & this works quite well. I prefer to play festivals actually since it’s daytime, so you can have a good rest during the night.

Or are the afterparties starting earlier during festival season……? As for your studio, what is your setup currently made of?

I mostly do everything inside the box but next to my midi keyboard I also have a Roland TR8 and a Korg Minilogue XD. What's the one item in the studio you'll never get rid of, no matter what and why?

My window haha! I was sitting for a couple of days in a studio without any windows, just a small bunker and I was going crazy… Days when I see no daylight I need at least a crowd in front of me! :D What would you say is the definition of your sound?

Dark driven vibes with subtle yet deep sounds and a dash of musical ecstasy.

What was the last record store you visited and what did you buy?

Hardwax in Berlin but actually didn’t buy anything unfortunately …

I remember going to K-Records store a lot near my hometown when I was 16-20 years old. He always made me a nice package of Vinyls when I arrived in the store. I tried to visit the shop a couple years ago again but it was closed that moment, he was only selling online then that moment… Not sure what happened now with the store. Such a shame as I spent a lot of time there on Wednesday’s afternoon after school

Last records I bought was online:

Marc Romboy – Empathy (Systematic Recordings)

Barnt – This Is For Decor Only (Kompakt)

Mind Against – Changes (Afterlife)


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