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INTERVIEW: Bestia Sonus

Actualizado: 14 oct 2022

Chromatic Club interview Bestia Sonus. We find out what's important to them, what makes them tick and what's going on for them right now.

Can you tell us a little about your experience and your background in the music business?

I grew up listening PinkFloyd, Jeffersons Airplane, Piter Gabriel, Metallica, Linkin Park, The Prodigy.

The Bestia Sonus project was born out of the mixing of all these genres.

And I thought, hey, man, all genres are convention. You love the old Rummstein, and you also love Noisia and Skrillex.

Make sure you have a perfectly balanced track in your ears, a perfect living universe that has room for any sound shade, as long as it’s in its place

Where are you from? do you feel that has a big impact on your sound?

In other words, my experience is all the music that’s been through my heart.

I am a Ukrainian, I was born in Ukraine, then I lived in Russia, and then went to Turkey. I feel like a man of peace, free from conservative dogmas.

But about the sound. You know, there’s always music inside me. Sometimes it’s quiet lyrics, sometimes it’s reading to my lyrics,

sometimes it’s passion or sadness. After all, any sound - you can convey the mood not only one person, but a whole group of people...

For example, misic in movies. Remove the music of The Prodigy from the film «Hackers», remove the genius music of Zimmer from the movie

«Inception» or music of Adam Taylor from the «Handmaid`s tale». will be an emptiness.If you turn off the music inside me, there will be more emptiness...

So sometimes I don't even know if the outside influences the music inside me, or if the music inside me influences my subconscious and the world around me ))

What artists and genres do you enjoy most right now?

In the genre of electronic music Scrillex, Noisia. In alternative music Mindy Jones, Islander, Bring Me The Horizont...

There are cool tracks from the guys from Russia M.I.L.A. Ice To Peak, there're cool and talented guys from Kiev ARTBAT.

There's a lot of cool music right now... But... I have an icon song from far 1986)

"Mercy Street" by Piter Gabrilel)) I think it's perfect))

What is the story behind your new release? how did it come together?

Actually, in the beginning it was an ordinary track that I was preparing for my exam in electronic music school.

And I kept thinking that there was something wrong with it, that I didn't say the most important thing - my emotion,

my passion, my ability to love, to burn, to wander in the clouds and to invent new worlds )))). And I asked my project partners

"guys, why don't we rock this track with heavy guitars????". ... We tried it, and everything rose up inside me )))).

And after that we assembled the track together and made it into that pulsating and soaring "Friday" that you can hear ))

Has your sound changed a lot in recent years?

The sound changes with me.

I write poetry, prose, music. And every day I try to be new, better than yesterday.

By changing ourselves we change the universe, we change the world around us, we change the people close to us.

The sound is also changing - I have become much freer, more relaxed and sincere.

Do you feel you can have a more experimental sound in the modern scene?

We all know that the digital revolution has affected sales, but has it affected creativity?

Yes, I think you should always try and experiment.

Take U2 and Metallica - every album is a search and experimentation.

We all know that the digital revolution has had an effect on sales, but has it had an effect on creativity?

The creativity in man was, is and will be )) With or without the digital)))

Digital gave more opportunities for creativity )))

And for sales )))) Can you imagine what beauty the great Pink Floyd could have created if they had such technology and capabilities

in that era?

Can you tell us what's next for you?

New tracks, new videos, new lives, destinies, emotions, worlds and universes in every sound )

And success - which my team deserves!


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