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In this exclusive interview with Cyazon, the talented producer and master of futuristic Electronic music, we delve into the creative process behind his remix of Kx5's 'Avalanche'. Known for his distinct cyberpunk sound and genre-blending productions, Cyazon shares insights into how he approached this remix, highlighting his unique style while staying true to the original track. From the inspiration behind the remix to the challenges faced during production, Cyazon opens up about his techniques, sound design choices, and the emotional message he aimed to convey.

Join us as we explore the captivating production world of Cyazon and get a glimpse into his future collaborations and original productions.

Hi Cyazon, how are you?

Hi, doing good thank you!

Can you tell us about the creative process behind you remix of Kx5’s ‘Avalanche’ and how you approached it compared to your original productions?

So, I used Nero’s remix of deadmau5’s ‘XYZ’ as inspiration. I knew I wanted a rolling Cyberpunk bassline in the choruses/drops. Creatively, I think the biggest thing that sticks out in the process of creating this, is making a new post-chorus section after the first half of the drop/chorus. I added a new synthwave-like melody during that section, which helps give it a different feel. I also added new bassline progressions I came up with that were not present in the original. Some of the sound design choices are more geared towards Electro House and Cyberpunk, which helped make this remix be different. In terms of how I approached it compared to my original songs, I would say this remix is more focused on the bassline progressions and the groove, such as the hard synth melody during the drops/choruses.

Were there any specific elements of the original track that you wanted to highlight or focus on in your remix? I would say one specific element of the original is the melody in the intro. I copied the melody and used a bell-like synth. Also, the big bass that comes before the second drop/chorus in the original was another element I wanted to highlight. I replaced that part with a big Reese bass sound instead, which gives it a more powerful feel to it emulating the same feeling as the that part in the original.

How did you make sure to stay true to the original track while also incorporating your own signature style and sound into the remix?

I would say the biggest thing for me when doing any remix, is to use some of the same melodies and bassline progressions. That really helps retain the feeling of the original. Incorporating my own sound into it is as simple as using the same sounds and experimenting with new sounds and techniques.

Did you have to make any significant changes to the production or sound design of the original track to create your remix, or did you focus more on rearranging the existing elements?

The only element I had to work with was the vocal since this remix is unofficial. I did not have any original elements to work with so I had to create it with my own sound design and production.

Can you tell us about any challenges or obstacles you faced during the production process of this remix?

From my memory, there were no big challenges when creating this remix. The only new obstacle or experience I faced was extracting the vocal from the original. I used a new free software called Ultimate Vocal Remover to do it. I wasn’t sure before using it how clear the vocal would sound, but it ended up working out great.

What kind of feedback have you received so far on your remix of ‘Avalanche’?

No feedback so far other than blog support.

Can you share with us any unique production techniques or effects that you used in the remix that you haven't used before?

Something kind of new I used, was the glide/portamento effect in Serum on the Reese bass before the second drop/chorus. It has been a while since I used it. I used the glide effect in combination with the pitch bend effect at the end of each note also. It is a very easy effect to create for Reese basses. There really isn’t any other production technique or effect I didn’t use before in this remix, so that is the best technique I could share.

What message or emotion were you trying to convey through your remix of ‘Avalanche’?

The emotion I was trying to convey through this remix was more of a dark/cyberpunk city feeling. Basically, I was trying to copy the emotion from Nero’s remix of ‘XYZ’ by deadmau5.

What can we expect from you in terms of future collaborations or original productions?

An upcoming collaboration with Au5 will be out in October. More original productions with vocalists/singers will also be released this year too.

Cyazon’s remix of Kx5's 'Avalanche' stands as proof of his creative skills and distinctive style; with a focus on bassline progressions and innovative sound design choices, Cyazon has crafted a captivating remix that stays true to the essence of the original while incorporating his unique vision. As he continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories, we eagerly anticipate his upcoming collaborations with Au5 and the release of more original productions in the coming months.

Listen to ‘Avalanche (Cyazon Remix)’ now Cyazon Online


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