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From mesmerizing dance floor melodies to intimate melancholy, powerful drum beats and utter ecstasy, Human Rias is someone who plays from the heart. His goal is to convey the deepest emotions within him, to connect the dots between a wide range of genres.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him, and this has been the result.

How would you present your work to someone who doesn't know you already?

I play and create music from my soul, music that makes you feel, and allows you to let go.

Your next release is a remix of Shervin Hajipour’s track ‘Baraye’ – for the people of Iran. What message would you like to convey to the public with this release?

I want to share with the people my version of Sherwin’s beautiful track, so they are more aware of what is happening in Iran, to shine light on the beautiful people of Iran and what they are suffering from. That their tears are also our tears.

This is a very emotional but important topic. Can you tell us why you personally wanted to do this release?

I am Iranian, born in Germany, but my soul and roots are in Iran. So, I am incredibly connected with the people and the culture, and yet haven’t been able to return to the country in over 13 years. The inspiration came from the great Jan Blomqvist who is releasing his remix on the 3rd February. When I heard his version, I was in tears, and knew that this will be part of a greater movement. A movement of dance, which is forbidden in Iran, to unify and to dance in protest to support my Iranian brothers and sisters.

You have a lot of amazing remixes with yours, including one from Jan Blomqvist and Victor Ruiz. Why these remixers? Do they have any affiliation with Iran or its Heritage?

Jan was the first to do it, and his remix moved me so much that I knew its time. Victor is a long-time friend of mine and an amazing human being. I looked more for diversity of sound, so we cover most genres, in order to get the tracks played by as many people as possible.

In an overly saturated market, how would you advise someone looking to express themselves creatively to stand out in music culture today?

Be yourself, be authentic, and show your passion and don’t do it pursuing money. If you truly love something and you, do it with all your passion, it’ll get seen.

It's seen as a hard industry to break into on many levels. Do you think that the music industry has enough open doors for the underprivileged?

To be honest, the music industry is a bit of a “wild west” still. And its ever changing, there is no one formula to get known or to be able to express yourself, but rather it’s eagerness and time. I would say everyone has a space in music, but you do have to fight for it

Last set that really impressed you?

There is two sets actually and as both impressed me differently I have to mention both. The Amazing Mose, I just saw a week ago in Tulum, beautiful spiritual set, which gave me so much energy. The other was Maceo Plex closing set at EXITs dance arena. Just no words for this selector how he digs out tracks from decades ago.

The biggest disappointment in your career? How did you get over that?

I mean being denied is generally the most frustrating and disappointing thing, but this is part of life, and I try not to focus or spend much time with disappointment but rather focus on how to improve and get better. Denial in any part of life is very disappointing and frustrates, keep the focus. Keep pushing.

Who has been the most inspiring person you have worked with?

Definitely my father. I’ve worked with him too, but outside of music this is. He came to Germany as a very young man to study, and build himself up from scratch here, ending up having his own company which he sold before retiring. So, he definitely is an inspiration for me, to follow your dream, with all your power.

Who do you think we should interview next?

RSRRCT, this guy is a talent that deserves so much more attention. Incredible musician.

Can you reveal some future projects? Maybe those for 7Rituals?

For now, our focus is on the remixes of ‘Baraye’. But we will follow up with an original single of mine latest in April ☺

Apart from music, what makes you happy?

Music is my happy place truly. But a hammock between two trees, between the jungle and the ocean, that’s my place of divine.

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