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Swedish producer Patrik Kindvall has had a truly impressive start to his career as an artist as Klur. Two years after his debut release, he has harnessed his gorgeous melodic/prog house sound on the ten tracks that make up his debut album Visions.

It's this same sound that has earned him a loyal following with over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, millions of streams across all platforms, DJ support from Lane 8, Madeon, Tritonal, Above & Beyond and more, all while is recognized as the third most streamed artist on SiriusXM Chill in the past year.

Klur has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting artists in his lane and Visions sees him bring his immaculate sound to life on ten glowing tracks that come together in a cohesive and thoughtful way.

Most of the album sees him fly solo, though he brings in Swedish vocalist Hildur Ottilia for a soulful collaboration 'Heart To Heart', and enlists the efforts of Oslo-based songwriter Ole-Bjørn Talstad for a gorgeous reworking. from 'Tangled'. It has grown from strength to strength and Visions is an impressive and exceptional project from an artist just starting out.

A remix version of Visions, featuring re-imaginings by artists including Fejka, Modera and Martin Rott, will be released in April 2023.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing Klur and this has been the result.

Can you tell us a little about your early musical experiences?

My earliest musical experience was with a pc program called Rebirth. I was maybe 10 years old when I first started playing around with it and that’s when I learned the basics of how a DAW works.

How do you hope that your music influences or impacts your listeners?

I hope it benefits them in the way they want to whether it’s inspirational, uplifting, healing.

Do you feel that your sound has evolved over the years?

It’s become better overall. It used to be more scattered. Now I can better understand and craft my sound.

Do you feel consistency is important in creating music? Or is it ok to experiment with different styles and sounds?

Yes it’s ok. I think it will happen automatically that you experiment and evolve your sound. For me it’s important that I keep it interesting and new for myself. You don’t have to release all your experiments but it is a process in learning new stuff and evolving your sound.

How do you see the next few years or your career panning out, in an ideal world?

Keep improving and becoming a better songwriter.

What's the most important piece of advice anyone's given to you so far?

It’s a marathon not a sprint, Just keep at it.



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