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INTERVIEW: Lazy Snails

We have had the pleasure of interviewing Lazy Snails.

Who are you? and above all, why did you get into the world of Electronic Music?

My name is Alessandro, I come from the north east of Italy and, most of all, I’m a long time

passionate in music. I bought my first vinyl record when I was 6 by saving my parents’ pocket

money and since then I haven’t stopped anymore. So, listening so much music I literally fell in love

in the early ‘80 with some tracks and musicians that to me sounded revolutionary, as I was a child

that never heard a sound like that before. I’m talking about tracks like “Rockit” by Herbie Hancock

or the entire Yazoo production. From that moment I’ve been inspired by electronic music and I

went to discover of its fundamental, like back in time was Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk in

example, and evolving then my musical taste with Depeche Mode, Massive Attack and others until


During your musical career, how has your sound evolved since you started? Where did you

start influences wise and where are you heading now?

The epochal advent of house music has pushing me trying to become a dj as I am, evolving my

sound has it changes over time and embracing a large part of this genre, starting from soulful until

deep or tech house or how you like to call it.

Some years ago I started making music exclusively for having fun, and despite seeing people

dancing in front of me continues to be a real pleasure, during this path as a producer made of my

own tracks and other remixes, I noticed that my past influences and my thoughts about electronic

music were directed towards a wider horizon, exploring sounds and sensations that I’d never

thought could interesting me. But it is so, and I hope to maintain this curiosity so to be guided and

ready in the future if I’d have the chance to make some records yet.

What is your production set up / criteria?

I usually work on studio with Logic Pro as a DAW, and for this album I used some VST plugin like

Diva and Zebra but most of all some external instruments. We talk about Korg MS-2000 or Moog

Sub Phatty and Elektron Machinedrum unit for the drums parts.

How did the collaboration with Flexi start?

First of all is a long time friendship with Simone (the boss label manager) that binds me to Flexi,

starting from sharing some back to back dj sets in the past to become very good friends and facing

each other pretty daily about some projects related to the music, especially about the label but not

only that.

What can you tell us about your last release? What did you want to transmit?

“Lucky Life” was conceived removing dust from some tracks made during the years that to me

deserved to get out of the underground of my hard disk, one of them even embellished with the

unexpected featuring by the stunning voice of Flicker Fox that turned out better than I could ever

expected. The result has meaning to me a musical journey around myself, my way of living, my

joys and sometimes my sadness, the meaning of music to me and my passions outside, to end up

on thoughts about the world we’re actually live in. Furthermore this record made me the chance to

rediscover my friendship with Massimiliano, an old friend and brilliant artist guy lost due to different

life paths and refound in this occasion to make an amazing artwork on the album cover and his

insider sleeve. As I use to say, I think it could be worth buying the record not so much for the music

as for feeling of beauty that he managed to convey to it!

What other projects do you have in the future?

I have some “electronic” ideas to work on, and to be honest I already started, wishing myself to

always have the benevolence of Simone! Jokes apart, I’m always searching to improve by studying

new stuff I can be interested by. I’d be curious to put on some collaborations with other producers,

so to share our musical ideas and (why not) realise something together.

Do you have any final words of wisdom?

I’m not a wise person, but I think each one of us who has the possibility and the conditions for it,

can be a better person simply working on himself and doesn’t have to be afraid to do it.


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