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Luis Baro is back, and he does so with his particularly enthusiastic contemporary approach and his growing talent for creating deeply emotional dance music that is as memorable as it is introspective.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him taking advantage of the release of his album "Multiples of Four", and this has been the result.

Hi Luis, how are you feeling?

Feeling good having a productive day; I run a small dog walking and training service in Brooklyn, it keeps me busy. Every day presents itself with new and interesting challenges. 

We are fans of your back catalog over the years. How did this interest in sound creation begin?

Growing up in Chicago house music was everywhere in the 80's because of the radio. I'm a big fan of the deeper instrumental house with touches of jazz and techno. The music of Detroit and my city produced during the 80's and 90's influence me in keeping with a traditional sound.  

How did your latest work: "Multiples of four" come about?

My first E.P was "Moment of Transition" each track title told you the theme of the song. "First Impression" "Partners" and "Uplift My Heart" gave you a message and sound to fit that message. With the follow up E.P it's a continuation of introducing the listener to my sound and life. "Little Hombre" is a playful song almost giving the listener advice to live in the moment. "Reflection" is a type of song where you can close your eyes and meditate. "New in Town" grounds you, brings you back to earth, gets you ready to take on the day or extra energy. Even though its music is made for dance floors, listening with headphones will give you a better sonic experience. 

How much has your sound changed since you started until now?

It's not really changed much to be honest. Lately I've been spring cleaning and have unearthed lots of unreleased music from as far as 2001 and even then it's been deep moving and heady. 

How has your creative process been? What were you inspired by?

I'm very much inspired by the piano and heavy sampling musicians like K15, Robert Glasper, Tall Black Guy. Modern R&B melancholy production excites me as well, even if my music doesn't sound like it; it’s what I listen to everyday. 

What is behind a name like "Multiples of four"? 

Most dance music is a 4x4 beat; almost all of techno and house is rooted on the principle of 4 beats multiplied over and over again. I wanted to use that as a way to explain this E.P is Multiples of Four. Not all future releases will be a four to the floor pattern.

How do you see your own sound?

My current sound is deep house with touches of techno steeped in the original roots of house. After my 4th E.P with Fresh Meat I'm going to release other flavors Techno, Breaks and D&B. I grew up raving in 90's and love many genres. If I get the opportunity to play out, I'm NOT sticking with 4x4 beat, it's time for me to break away from that. 

Do you have something looming on the horizon?

Finishing up third E.P with Fresh Meat we have a cool remix coming and male vocal track coming from someone I've admired for a long time with a proper music video. Remix on another label. Working with a vocalist for the fourth E.P and a sci-fi techno album with a short film hopefully for late 2022.Alfaro, DeepSouthAudio, Kwame Mensah, James Bland, Christian Zingales, Don Rimini, Lorenzo al Dino, SimonDSA, Marco Oh Boy and others.

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