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Lunar Bird has an honest and sincere career. Her musical selection and her good judgment have crossed borders. The productions of this singular artist are a powerful statement, emblematic of her unfettered approach to music. We took the opportunity to interview her.

Can you tell us a little about your experience? Where are you from / how did you get into music?


Man, I've done a lot. I'm a guy from South Wales who started learning piano from a young age, and I've been dedicated to music ever since. I went on to learn bass, guitar, drums, and other instruments throughout school and college. I've played with so many bands, I live on stage. I love every minute of it. Festivals, tours, studio time, musicals, weddings, stadiums, done the lot. I got my degree in Contemporary Music Performance from the University of South Wales where I studied alongside Ross and Ellie, and I met Roberta and Eliseo shortly after. I joined Lunar Bird in 2019, and I'm having the time of my life. I love our music, it's so different to everything I've played before. I love my Lunar Bird family, and we're a great team We have a lot coming up, and I can't wait to see what's over the horizon.

Was it all internet based?

ROSS: I joined Lunar Bird a few months before the start of lockdown here in the UK. We all met in person for rehearsals and shows before this happened of course! So being able to coordinate over the Internet has always been a big plus and for sure it came to light by us being able to record and share our parts so we can make this content through Covid. I'd say a big part of us has been Internet based so far.

How would you define your sound?

ELISEO: It's not easy to answer this question. There are so many different influences on our sound, that we just can't label our music picking one single genre. Our starting point is Dream Pop, no doubt, but we move in our little spaceship towards experiments that subvert every genre-related feature. We like this feeling of freedom during the writing process. We just don't care about labels. Because we know for a fact that whatever may come out, even the most distant from Dream Pop, is going to show that typical Lunar Bird sound. Which, as we like to say, comes from outer space.

Where does the name ‘Lunar Bird’ come from?

ROB: After our very first LB recording session, we realised that we needed a name for our brand new project. We wanted to evoke a vintage spacey atmosphere. While the flying bird represents our need for artistic freedom.

Why the crown imagery? Why do you wear a white paper crown?

ROB: Actually, it's not a paper crown. I wear a couple a metallic necklace and a velvet ribbon with feathers. I like wearing unexpected accessories.

Who produced it? What was the recording experience like?


Our debut album was recorded and mixed at Sudestudio (Guagnano, Italy), where several international artists recorded iconic albums (e.g. Beirut, Laetita Sadier, Erlend Øye). Working with Stefano Manca was an absolute pleasure. It was fun, but also enlightening. Sudestudio has a magic atmosphere. It's an incredible place in the countryside, isolated from the noise of the city. The centenary quietness of the olive trees reconnects you to an atavistic form of beauty and peace. Moreover, we had the fantastic opportunity to record some original vintage instruments, like the Wurlitzer in Swallow Man Aviary.

What do you want people to take away from the song: Run? Is there imagery that comes to mind?

Was there a particular mood you were trying to capture? A story you were trying to tell? Is there an ‘ideal setting’ for listening to this song? (In the car on a fall drive, celebrating with friends, midday at work, a quiet winter night)

ROB: What can you do when your entire world falls down? As for me, I'd rather run. You run because you need to pass through those violent emotions and survive them. Because you want to feel alive. I think the ideal setting would be any kind of race with your headphones on.

Was the track written in your usual environment, or somewhere different?

ROB: 'Run' was written at my place in Cardiff. At that time, Eliseo used to live with me, so he could add his bass line immediately. I must admit it, despite the gloomy lyrics, it was great fun!

Do you have a favourite lyric from this track that you’d like to highlight? Why is that significant to you?

ELLIE: My favourite lyric is 'Sparkling marbles drawn by light and sticky sadness", purely because the alliteration rolls of the tongue so beautifully, and it's not often you find the word 'sticky' wedged in a song so nonchalantly!


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