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INTERVIEW: Mario Navajo

MYR label head Goeran Meyer is back to kick off 2024 with a superb new track featuring Mario Navajo.

We have had the pleasure of speaking with Mario and this has been the result.

Hey Mario, welcome to Chromatic Club! How's your year going so far?

Hello dear Chromatic Team. My year has been very busy so far. We spent a lot of time in the studio, produced new songs, built sets, and created new ideas. I believe 2024 will be an exciting year.

You're partnering with MYR label head Goeran Meyer on the upcoming single, 'Boundless Chains.' Tell us about the release and why you decided to work together.

"Boundless Chains" is a soulful experience. The beat starts very simple and calm, gradually building up when the synth kicks in and reaches its full climax. It's somewhat like finding oneself or awakening as a human/soul. We are all trapped in a world where it's sometimes not easy, and for many of us, music serves as a therapy where we can let go and forget about the everyday challenges.

Label Boss Goeran Meyer and I met at a music workshop in March 2023. Since that day, we maintained constant contact, immediately connected, exchanged ideas, and discovered many similarities. About a year ago, he sent me a beat, I listened to it, and immediately had an inspiration - "Gimme that love," our first collaborative song was born. I believe since that day, Goeran saw the musical potential in Navajo (referring to himself). Nowadays, we spend a lot of time together in the studio, working on projects, creating sets, and organizing events. What can I say, music simply connects.

After focusing on rap and hip hop at the beginning of your career, what drew you to electronic music?

Yes, I started with rap at the age of 14 and consistently made music until I was 26. After that, things quieted down, contacts broke off, and focus shifted to other things - everything has its time in life. There were a few quiet years in my musical life. Around the age of 30, I started covering songs karaoke-style through various apps on my phone. At 35, I bought my first mixer, a DJM 400. I don't know how to say it, but it was like an inner voice telling me to do it. I put together my first sets, and two months after a lot of hesitation, I had my first gig. People went crazy, partied hard, some even thought I was a famous DJ. I was, of course, very happy about it and decided to stick with it. Two months later, I met Goeran Meyer, and not long after that, I had my first release, "Gimme that love," through a renowned label. I could never have dreamed that everything would go this way, but as I said, maybe the inner voice was right.

How do you go about writing a song?

Hmm, at the beginning, I listen to the beat. Some beats immediately catch your lyrics upon the first listen, depending on how the music grabs you. Then there are beats where you need to immerse yourself and let them work on you. I write down everything that comes to mind and then piece it together to make sense in the end. Often, during the recordings, a new idea arises, which we then implement or expand upon. That's roughly how it goes.

We're loving the sound of 'Boundless Chains.' As a German artist, do you stand out in terms of your soulful/afro house style?

It's challenging for me to assess whether I stand out or distinguish myself. All I know is that I can adapt very quickly. I feel this music, and then I just let it flow.

What was your favorite release of 2023?

I think there are so many, but what first comes to my mind is Made by Pete, Zoe Kypri 'Horizon Red.'

Are there any famous vocalists that have influenced you?

I believe I have been inspired by several artists over time. To name one, Xavier Naidoo would be at the top of the list.

What else do you have planned for the year ahead?

The focus is definitely on promoting our music. Establishing new contacts in the music scene, continuing to network, and of course, throwing fantastic parties to captivate people with our music and sets.

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