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INTERVIEW: Melleefresh - Behind The Scenes Of '150bpm Workout'

Melleefresh, the multifaceted DJ/Producer with nearly 30 years of experience in the Electronic Dance music scene, is back with a special treat for her fans and fitness enthusiasts alike. With the release of '150bpm Workout' and '150bpm Minimix' via Play Records, Melleefresh delivers a high-energy collection of tracks ramped up to 150 BPM, perfect for those intense workout sessions.

In this exclusive interview, we dive into the inspiration behind this special release, the selection process for the tracks, and the production techniques used to create an aerobic-worthy compilation. Join us as we chat with Melleefresh to discover her journey in crafting this invigorating workout soundtrack and the role music plays in her own fitness routine. Get ready to feel the beat and unleash your inner energy with Melleefresh!

Hi there Melleefresh, how are you?

I like to kick, I like to stretch, I’m great!

Congrats on the release of ‘150bpm Workout’ and 150bmp Minimix’! What inspired you to create a special workout-themed release like '150bpm Workout'?

Thank you sooo much. I’m glad you like it. The truth of the matter is I workout every day, doing aerobics and cross-training with a trainer. One day, he asked me, “Why isn’t your music on Spotify for working out?” I realized the BPM wasn’t right for a lot of my tracks to be able to workout too. So, I put together 13 of my favorites and sped up the BPM to 150 to make them aerobic-worthy.

How did you select the tracks that made it onto the '150bpm Workout' album? Any particular criteria or considerations?

Yes, I figured I’d start with a lot of my older tracks that I love. And if it goes over well, then there’s always room for Volume 2.

Can you share some insights into the production process of ramping up Melleefresh’s classics to a high-energy 150 BPM? Any challenges or interesting moments along the way?

Speeding up the tracks and not letting the vocal get warped into Alvin & The Chipmunks was something I had to watch closely and I was quite thrilled with the results.

What made you decide to create a dynamic 150bpm Minimix for the release? How did you approach blending the tracks seamlessly into a 3-minute powerhouse track?

I really wanted to shoot a video for all the tracks more as a sizzle reel to show off how cool they sound together, give everyone a taste of the full compilation. You can find the official video on my YouTube channel.

Could you talk about the genre fusion in the '150bpm Minimix,' where Electro House meets Hard House? What elements did you emphasize to create that energy?

The genre here is classified as Mainstage. Because all the tracks are at 150bpm, it all blends in to a good solid bangin’ mix.

How do you envision listeners incorporating '150bpm Workout' into their fitness routines? What kind of workout or exercise do you think it complements best?

Aerobics and dance classes, for sure.

Were there any specific messages or emotions you wanted to convey through the remixes and the overall energetic vibe of the release?

Not really, just wanted to make some workout music. And they are technically not remixes. There is no instrumentation or vocals added. The speed has simply been shifted up to 150bpm.

Can you tell us more about your collaborations with deadmau5 on several tracks included in the '150bpm Workout'? What was it like working together and bringing those tracks to a new level?

He was not involved in this project. But I did enjoy working with him 15+ years ago when the original mixes were first released.

What role does music play in your own workout routine? How does it influence your performance or motivation?

I use music every day for my workouts to motivate me and get my ass in gear. It’s so important that the tracks are highly-energized to get my morning rave on! After that, I’m ready to take on the world.

We wrap up this interview with Melleefresh, and enjoyed learning more about the inspiration behind this release. With a thoughtful selection of tracks and a focus on creating an aerobic-worthy compilation, Melleefresh has delivered an invigorating soundtrack for workouts and dance classes alike. The carefully curated compilation, '150bpm Workout' and '150bpm Minimix,' showcases Melleefresh's talent for seamlessly blending genres and infusing high-energy elements of Electro House and Hard House.

As Melleefresh continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with her unique sound, stay tuned for her latest releases and performances.

Watch the official video:

Listen and buy ‘150bpm Workout’ here

Listen and buy ‘150bpm Minimix’ now

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