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Washington, D.C.-based producer N3WPORT is a rising star in the melodic and future bass scene. Since 2017 he has gained over 65M streams, been supported by Top DJs including Gryffin, Slushii, and Tiesto, and gained the support of industry networks including Trap Nation, NCS, Mr. Suicide Sheep, and more.

N3WPORT first gained global attention with the release of his cover of ‘Zombie’ by the Cranberries alongside Universal Music signee Besomorph. The track currently has over 7.5M streams and continues to gain attention.

In 2020 alone, N3WPORT released 16 tracks including music with NCS, Lowly Palace, Mr. Suicide Sheep’s found/red records, and official remixes for Judah & The Lion, WE ARE FURY, William Black, and Outwild, and gained an impressive 23M Spotify streams in that year alone.

2021 is looking to be a breakout year for N3WPORT. With 5 original tracks already released in the first 3 months of this year, and official remixes for Nurko and Penny & Sparrow, N3WPORT continues to deliver high-quality music on a consistent basis and plans on continuing to provide for his exponentially growing fan base.

How would you present your work to someone who doesn't know you?

  • As a growing artist, it’s all too common in doing this! Haha, I usually say that I’m a musician and DJ who makes emotional and melodic dance music with pop and punk influences. If they’re over 40, the usual response is “Oh so like techno?” To which I always respond, "...yeah."

What message would you like to convey to the public with the N3WPORT project?

  • The music I make has a simple intention: to bring new life to emotion through dance music. I aim to bridge any gaps between music and raw emotion and do so by intentionally crafting meaningful lyrics, careful melody selection, and some real intensity in my production. As N3WPORT, I hope to create a port of entry into a world of love and joy when people listen to my music.

How did your latest single, "In My Heart,” come about?

  • Monika had sent me a vocal she wrote about her late mother that really touched me. The song was already so emotional without any instrumental behind it, and it was my goal to create melodies and an instrumental that conveyed the beauty that this song brought to the table lyrically. I sent Monika the melodies I had come up with first, and she loved them. After that, it was all about making this track hit as hard instrumentally as it does with its lyrics, and we’re both really proud of the result.

What do you want to convey in this work? What is the concept behind it?

  • The message of "In My Heart" is one of remembrance of a loved one. What I’d like to communicate through the track is to never stop loving the ones you love intensely and fully. Every moment with someone you love is a gift, as is the chance to love someone, whether you know them well or not. The memories we bring with us everywhere can be positive ones, but only if we act positively and lovingly toward others always!

As for your studio, what is it currently made up of?

  • I’ve got a little bit of everything in my studio. The collection I’m most proud of is my rack of guitars, which consists of a plethora of acoustic and electric guitars, which I use super often in all of my music. I also have an array of studio monitors, headphones, turn tables, midi instruments etc. which I use randomly as it fits the production! The greatest thing about my studio though, is that for the most part, it’s all on my laptop! All one really needs is Ableton and some headphones, and you can make a hit! I did finish the final master of this track in an airport while on tour, so I’d like to say my studio is a constantly changing configuration!

What is the one instrument you would never get rid of, no matter what?

  • My guitars. If I had to pick one, I’d pick my telecaster. That’s the guitar I use on 90% of my tracks because I love the way it sounds. I grew up playing guitar and was classically trained in it in high school. It’s always been my greatest source for melodies and musical inspiration, and I love a guitar’s ability to gather others around a fire or melt people’s faces off at a show. It’s super versatile and I love it so so much.

What was the last record store you visited? And what did you salvage from there?

  • I actually went crate digging in a small town in Virginia called Moneta recently. I found a bunch of super old 40s and 50s records that I’ve yet to properly sample hunt through, but I’m excited to dig in. Old music has some serious melodic and rhythmic gems.

Do you have hope for the future of music? How would you like the future of the music industry to be?

  • I absolutely do! Music is a universal language, and it will always be the greatest thing we have to communicate beyond language in my opinion. I hope that the music industry continues to inspire creativity and organically promote good music and authentic artists. Music has always been and should always be about what it does for the listener and the artist, and stay away from the business and profit machine that it often can become. Regardless of what AI technology blah blah blah, the best music will always come from the heart.

Can you reveal some future projects?

  • Yeah, Skrillex has a new album soon I’m pretty sure? But in my world - I’ve got a LOT of new music coming out very soon. I’m super stoked about releasing "In My Heart" with Monika, but I’ve also got some stuff in the works with Dan Berk, Luxtides, and a few others that I’m super stoked to share with people very soon :)

What makes you happy?

  • Music, my family, my dogs, the beach, my faith in God, going to the gym, and absolutely interacting with fans and people who come to shows and listen to my music. There’s actually probably a shorter list of things that don’t make me happy - I’m a very joy-filled dude.

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