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INTERVIEW: Opilec Music

Opilec Music is a label project deeply built into the entire Asimov way of thinking about how technology is not an enemy of mankind, but a real and useful extension and aid of our mind. Combining old school disco, Chicago House and Detroit Techno, Italo & Synth of the early 80's, Electro & Cosmic Disco and the seminal musical genres Krautrock & Electronic that have differently conditioned the history and conception of world dance. We have had the pleasure of interviewing the creators of this project to find out about their present and future projects.

Hey, for those that don't know, can you tell us a little about 'Opilec Music' and how the label was born?

The label name comes from a Josef Čapek story from 1917, a writer and cubist painter. He was supposed to invent the term "robot" which originally meant "servant".

From this important etymology, that truly inspired all Isaac Asimov literature, comes Opilec Music. I built the label around the Asimov way or thinking that technology is a real and useful and optimistic future for humanity.

This is something I feel is also true for music and machines in music.

I launched in 2008 after working with a few other labels as I thought it was time to start my own label covering genres such as old school Disco, Chicago House & Detroit Techno, early 80's Italo & Synth, Electro & Cosmic Disco and is also influenced by Krautrock & other Electronic musical genres.

What is the concept behind this compilation album?

"We Are Opilec...!" compilations was a series I started in 2012.

The concept started to introduce new artists and their tracks, to present forthcoming releases or to remake some old ones but a compilation is always the right place to include my I-Robots "Reconstructions"

How did you develop the sound of your label / what do you see as the "Opilec Music Sound"?

The label sound is eclectic as it is with my D.J. sets - I always mix together sounds, tracks, artists to create collaborations and built the catalog... so I am following the same approach as my DJing to run the label really.

How do you see the state of the music industry at the moment?


How did you go about A/R for the label and compilation - what do you look for in artists?

I personally select artists and their music. Most of the time I also get involved and help them to finalize their tracks to guarantee a solid sound and result.

All selections are made considering what I feel as music lover and records collector and what I play in my sets.

I always try to prioritize friendships and collaborations with VIP artists but I also I always welcome new talented artists to the label to give them the chance they maybe deserve.

Do you have any favorite cuts from the release?

"I-Robots - Respect feat. Kathy Brown" is the classic song written by Otis Redding in the 1965 and renterpretated by Aretha Franklin in the 1967, both great seminal r&b versions who signed the USA black music history.

Than during the 1989 Adeva from U.K. gave new birth to the song with a garage house key that inspired me to select the Kathy Brown voice to produce in Italy, after 56 years, a third millennium much disco oriented version, the was missing untill today!

Everything to celebrate the Afro-American dance music culture and background.

Your own productions are some of the high points of the record, what is the I-Robots sound?

The I-Robots sound is eclectic and instinctive... Everything is much evident listening the last Vol. 5 of the series "We Are Opilec...! compilations...

The "Reconstructions" are mostly mash-ups or kind of"cheeky" remakes like the previous I-Robots - "Spacer Woman/Frau", Dirty Talk feat. Donna McGhee, Lucky Star feat. Hard Ton.

Where do you think the sound of I-Robots is going in the future?

The I-Robots sound is already in the future, living in the past, walking through the present...

Could you tell us about your present and future projects?

We have some great stuff forthcoming that will give to the label and the sub-label new eclectic perspectives:

I-Robots – Respect ft. Kathy Brown – Opilec Music > Remixed also by Don Carlos

V.A. – Disco Ruin (Soundtrack) – Opilec Music > also incl. Daniele Baldelli, Alexander Robotnick, Francesco Farfa, Paolo Martini, I-Robots, Stratosferic Band, Hard Ton

I-Robots pres.: Lello B. – Journey On Planet Lello B. - 1993-1993 The Early Years

Reale Accademia – Reale Accademia re-release onTurin Dancefloor Express

Bagarre and Between The Sheets complete discography re-releases on Turin Dancefloor Express

Do you have any final words of wisdom?

No Sound Is Too Taboo...


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